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noona23 - September 7

guys i quit and i am dow to 1 cigarette a day 9 weeks pregant i stopped immidiately after i found out i was prgnant except thath 1 what to do ???? some doctors say safe up to 5 but i think its bad how bad is 1 a day


mary b - September 8

Is there really any safe cig??? If only rite? But for real you are doing so good, and I seriously believe you can stop all together! You have to for your baby...the best thing we can do is give our kids the rite start....good luck


clindholm - September 9

noona, congrats and great job getting down to one!!!


Miss_J - January 7

im a smoker too ! i smoked normally until i found out i was pregnant...but i stopped now. I want to smoke but i dont really think about it too much.


abysmalbeauty - February 23

I have to say, this is one reason I am actually thankful for the horrible morning sickness. As soon as it kicked in I couldnt stand the taste or smell of my smokes anymore so it was very easy to stop! To answer your question, i don't think even one a day is safe. If you can imagine, that cigarette is probably bigger or at least as big as your baby... seems pretty toxic when youthink of it that way. It might be helpful for you to replace it with something else you enjoy, maybe hard candyies or gum? I knew a woman who kept her one last ciggarette and everytime she wanted one she would go outside with it and not smoke it, just hold it like you normally would and put it to her mouth once in a while. Then she would mark it with a pen everytime she didnt smoke it. She said it was helpful to her to see how many ciggarettes she wanst smoking. Its worth a shot! Either way great job with what you've done so far, Im very confident that you'll be able to kick that nasty habit completely, if not for your own heath, then for the health of your baby :o). Good Luck!


JMP - March 3

Hi noona! I'm 10 weeks and for the last 4 weeks I've been smoking a cigarette once a day or maybe once every other day or once every two days..sometimes I just feel like I need that one cigarette and that is enough for me I don't need to smoke anymore..but I went and saw the baby kicking and moving today and decided that mybe even one cigarette is too much and no matter how hard I'm gonna quit for my little peanut! but I know exactly how you are feeling!!


babyb - May 6

gosh i am in the same boat as some of you. i quit smoking about a month or so before i got pregnant and its been great i was on the patch. then i got pregnant and had to quit the patch and its been so hard. I love my mother and hang out with her all the time, she is my best friend, when she comes down ( we live in the same duplex) we have a smoke together so i have a smoke or two a day and told my mom that as of monday i am no longer letting her knock on my door for a smoke, she understands but she's one of those mom's who smoke during her pregnancy's and her kids turned out fine so she doesn't think its a big deal, but she supports my decision so i am going to try on monday as my second quit date. Please wish me luck!


jlg1234 - May 11

Good job cutting down, but any amount of smoking is horrible for your baby and you. I wouldn't even be near second hand smoke let alone 1 cig/day.


dixie78 - August 29

I have reaad so many differnt things about smoking while preg. i am trying to cut down, I just found out that we are preg, last night. Any tips would be wonderful and good luck to all


Floricica - November 5

I am 11 weeks and down to two smokes a day. Tomorrow I will be down to one a day. With my first pregnancy, I quit by 4 months pregnant completely. I started smoking again after my son was born. I don`t reccomend smoking at all during pregnancy. Every puff u take it pushes carbon monoxide into your blood stream. When this happens, the baby cannot get air which causes it`s heart rate to go up rapidly. BUT also, it`s also not good to be stressed out all day being angry without any ciggs. Anger and stress causes the body to release a chemical which can actually cause the placenta to detach. I know ppl who smoked and had no complications. Its just a risk u take.



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