Anyone With Constipation Here S What To Do

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Michelle - November 11

Anyone who is pregnant with constipation...I've got the answer. I was constipated for a while, and if your like me.....I hate that feeling. Its miserable. I am eating ALLOT of fiber in my diet. I start out in the mornings with a HUGE bowel of VERY high fiber cereal (like fiber one)...its got like 14grams of fiber per bowel. I drink LOTS of water and absolutely NO caffiene. At lunch I eat a sandwitch on whole grain pita bread that has 5 grams per slice(usually have 2 slices to make the sand), on top of that I have various fruits and veggies throughout the day. I am regularly going to the bathroom 2 to 3 times per day!!! Now I have not always gone that much. I was going like once every two days for a while. I think one reason I had that problem to begin with is b/c (pre-pregnancy) I was eating a low carb diet....which normally means low fiber. Now I am eating a high carb, high fiber diet.....and its done a world of wonder for me!! Its all about fiber and water if you are constipated. Even though I am eating allot more carbs my weight gain is within the normal limits so far, so its not making me gain extra weight....I think its doing the opposite b/c of how much I'm going to the bathroom. anyway, just wanted to share this with others since constipation seems to be such a problem for some women during pregnancy.


Marie - November 19

I came across your post asI'm trying to get down a small dish of cottage cheese with wheat bran in it. It's awful and turing my tummy. But...I'm desperate! I will try your suggestions but I really do want at least one cup of coffee :(


Sher - December 8

I am superconstipated .. only 10 1/2 wks pregnant but look 5 mo. I am absolutely miserable, have tried everything, eat salads/fruits/veggies, drink water, prune juice, dried fruits .. metamucil, ugh am sick of all of this and still can't go!! what to do? last thins happened a month ago my midwife told me to take milk of mag. I took max dose 2 days in a row and drank half a bottle of prune juice, then had diarrhea all night, but at least I felt empty. Don't want to resort to this again, but might have to. I am going out right now to try the super hi-fibre cereal. Usually avoid cereals cause of sugar content, but I am soo desperate!! Is this going to go on for another 7 months??


Ashleyg - February 15

as disgusting as it is, prune juice was my miracle laxative!



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