Ate Salami And Am Now Freaking Out

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ErinJ - March 13

I ate a piece of Deli Salami yesterday, not realizing that it is an off-limit food. I guess because it is cured I thought that would be OK. Now I'm freaking out about Toxoplasmosis, as I was negative last time I was checked (about a year ago), despite the fact I've eaten tons of salami in the past 37 years and have always had cats!!!! Am I the only one stupid enough to do this? I've been so careful otherwise. This pregnancy did not come easily and I'm terrified I've done something horrible.


drea - March 13

Erin....i'm sure your fine if you had one piece. i ate feta before i knew i was pregnant and during my first trimester i ate meunster cheese. if you eat these things every day it may be dangerous, but if you have it once, you should be fine. if your totally freaking then give you doctor a call, it will make you feel so much better. dont stress, it will be fine. how far along are you?


ErinJ - March 14

Thanks, Drea. I know you're right but I was still panicked! I didn't know about Meunster, either.... but I haven't eaten any. I am almost 17 weeks and I guess still nervous because I had three miscarriages before this all last year. I did have a little girl nine years ago, though. I was living in England then, and the only restrictions I remember was no soft cheese, like brie. Feta was supposed to be OK and I ate tons of it. And lots of tuna, too. She's just fine, so I guess the risks are very small and I shouldn't waste energy worrying.


drea - March 14

so sorry to hear about your m/c's Erin, best of luck to you this time around sounds like you'll be fine though. i think all these restrictions make us worry more than anything. when i was younger i always thought you could eat whatever you wanted when your pregnant, but now there are sooo many things to look out for. what the heck did they do years ago, my mom was never told anything and she smoked a pack a day and i turned out just fine. who knows.


MystinaAlise - March 23

i've heard its ok to eat soft cheeses if they are pasturized... is that true? i am having a hard time asking my Dr anything because they refuse to see anyone under 10 weeks and all they have been willing to do is blood work because i thought i was miscarrying... i still havent actually met the lady yet... im scared im going to make mistakes and hurt the baby before i even get the chance to see the Dr


AudreyC - March 24

Pasteurized cheese is OK. I was doing some research and was b__wn away by the number of foods and food additives that are deemed unsafe for consumption during pregnancy. I already miss my herbal teas, colas, and smoked meat. There's a book called Food Additives: A Shopper's Guide To What's Safe & What's Not that's supposed to be very good, I plan to buy it soon.


katie - March 26

You should only be worried about cats if they've been outside or catching mice. That's how they catch the parasite.


mandee25 - March 26

I ate a few small breakfast sausages before I knew it wasn't safe to eat while pregnant but I realize it was only a few times and I don't plan on eating anymore so I think everything will be fine. I am only 6 weeks pregnant right now so I ate them very early in my pregnancy.



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