Baby Aspirin In Pregnancy

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barb777 - November 4

Found this site using google for baby aspirin in pregnancy and looking for others experiences. I am 37 and currently pregnant with my first. However this is not my first pregnancy. I have already had two miscarriages this year and after the last one and much googling asked my gp about antiphospholipid testing, he just said I dont know enough about it. The consultant I saw at the hospital also brushed it aside saying we only investigate after three miscarriages. While I realise I could have seeked a second opinion I am in the UK where we are lucky enough to get free treatment, I would have had to pay and I suspect the advice would have been similar. I was also told to wait three months before trying again, 'to allow myself time to heal emotionally,' I decided to ignore this as there was no medical reason not to try straight away. Two weeks after my miscarriage I ovulated and started folic acid and baby aspirin. 10 days later I got a positive pregnancy test. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant (my previous losses were 7 and 5 weeks) and now wondering when others who have taken aspirin stopped taking it. I am aware this post may provoke controversy as my decision is without medical advice. Thank you for your opinions


Floricica - November 5

I live in Canada. Here they don`t reccomend anyone to take asprin untill they r elders to thin their blood. I believe they even took baby asprin off the shelves because it could kill kids. Im not sure what to say but that.


Tracenz - November 7

Hi Barb777 I have also had two miscarriages in the past 10 months, and I have heard lots of positive stories about woman taking baby asprin (after they have suffered miscarriages as well) as soon as they get a positive result, and go on to have healthy babies - its a shame I didn't read up more about baby asprin after my first m/c - we are going to try again in Feb next year, and i will definately give the aspirin a go - what have I got to loose huh? - but what I would like to know also, is when is the best time to actually start taking it, and for how long? Best of luck for you, my fingers are crossed :) I also look forward to hearing someone's opinion..


geeminor - February 16

I also had 2 miscarriages last year and tried to get tested for 'sticky blood', but am also in UK where they will not do any tests unless after 3 miscarriages. A good friend of mine, after repeated miscarriages, tested positive for a mild form of sticky blood. She took baby (meaning small dose, not for babies) aspirin for her entire pregnancy which went full term and she has a healthy baby now. She reckons there are no adverse effects on baby and she wholeheartedly recommended it to me. However, when I went to the chemist to buy it, they were so horrified by my intentions that it put me off and I left it. I figured that SOME people may need this simple medication, but that I may not, so I decided against it and am now 13 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby (according to extensive neonatal scan by the feotal medicine unit). Best of luck to you who are taking it and roll on a time when the NHS will allow a test for sticky blood after not 3 but 2 miscarriages. It is insulting to be refused tests after undergoing such a trauma. regards Geeminor



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