Best Sleep Positions

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Aliya - January 30

Hi Can anyone tell me the best most comfortable and safest sleeping position from week 20 onward? I've been told it's best to lie on the left. Can have your legs up, ie in the fetal position squash the baby and affect it's oxgen supply at all?


Raeanne - February 1

I'm not a dr. but in the book "what to expect when you are expecting" says that sleeping on your left side is best for circulation and to use a pillow in between your legs if it's not comfortable" I have to use the pillow because I want my legs in the fetal position too. It's so comfy.


Lyn - February 3

My dr told me as long as you are sleeping on your side right or left you should be ok but sleeping on your back is a BIG no no! I cant get comfortable anymore at night because sleeping on my sides hurt my hips and back pillow or no pillow!


Jackie - February 16

I have also read that sleeping on your left is the best. I find myself very tired in the morning and my back hurts, am only going in my second trimester and i sure hope i can get used to the idea coz its tough!


Tanya - February 17

Well, try to take a pillow and gently place it under your sides, (where the belly starts growing outward). It is something to get used to, but all the pregnant women I have spoken to have said that it works. I am 18 weeks pregnant and also found that it is getting really uncomfortable sleeping on my sides and on my back. The pillow between the legs dont work for me at all and I keep waking up.


teresa - February 17

why is it a big no no to sleep on your back?


Sarah - March 14

When you are flat on your back the weight of the baby compresses the inferior vena cava, which is the largest vein in your body. This can cause reduced blood flow throughout your body. You might notice that laying flat on your back in the late stages of pregnancy will cause light headedness.


de - March 28

what is the best way to lie at night when im use to sleeping on my stomach or on my back?


anne - April 1

I am 10 weeks pregnant and when I try to sleep on my left side, I woke up with pain in my back. What should I do?


Kelly - April 4

I went out and got a body pillow to put behind me to keep me from rolling onto my back. I am most comfortable on my back but obviously not the best prego position to sleep. My husband laughs cause now we have a dividing thing in the middle, it's like another person. Lat night was the first night I used it and it seemed to work!


Nick - April 4

I am 19 weeks and have always slept on my stomach. I know you are not supposed to do this when prgnant, so I have modified this position by bringing uo one of my knees for supprt. This way I am not directly laying on my stomach.


j.s - April 9

i had my iud removed 8 months ago and im trying to get pregnant is there anything special ishould do or worry about


laura - April 28

it hurts on my sides while im sleeping


Kristin - May 4

Im there with everyone on the sleeping thing, and it sucks, its so bad that my boyfriend sleeps with me for a little bit and then get off the bed an lies somewhere else just so that i can sleep. I am 15 weeks and i get Really bad migranes so its kind of hard not to sleep on my back, i wake up so often and i dont know how to fix it, i have a body pillow i sleep with a fan bacause of hot flashes and im at a loss for words anyone that can help with some advice would be an angel.


littlemrsb - May 16

I too have been in search of a remedy to my sleeplessness, aching hips, back and head that I am getting from trying to find a "safe" position each night. I think I am awake just worrying about it most of the time. Anyway, I came across this article at ... ... I was happy to read a doctor recommending sleeping however is comfortable, unless your baby is having a problem with growth retardation. I still plan on consulting my doctor, but I don't hink I'll beat myself up anymore if I wake up on my back. Good luck to you all! God Bless and I HOPE you have sweet dreams!


Erika - May 23

I too have heard that you may sleep in whatever way is most comfortable.Here is what it said from ivillage................................. I'm in my 29th week of pregnancy and I have read that I should not sleep on my back. I have been sleeping on my side for the past several months, but it is very uncomfortable and I wake several times a night. Is it dangerous to sleep on your back while pregnant? During pregnancy you should feel free to sleep in whatever position is comfortable. You may have heard that during labour it is important for a woman to stay off her back. This is because of the chance of affecting the uterine placental blood flow, as the heavy uterus lies against the maternal vena cava; this can also cause light-headedness in the mother. But during the pregnancy your baby can generally accommodate this with no problem unless he or she is severely compromised. Rest easy. I think they used to believe it was wrong and maybe researched it more, and that it's something doctors of the old school still tell you. Anyway I hope it is true cause I LOVE sleeping on my back. And find all other positions uncomfortable even with pillows. I'm 24wks. Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessica - May 27

They say on your left side fetal position with a pillow between your knees and a pillow at your back to help support your joints and bones. However I broke my left collar bones about 8 years ago and have pain if I stay laying on my left side for too long. So I primarily lay on my right side and alternate a lot during the night



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