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cindy813 - November 27

I know you're not supposed to have soft cheeses but is the blue cheese pasturized if it's in the salad dressing?


E - November 27

If it is from a fine French restaurant that imports the cheese and makes the dressing from scratch, probably not. If it is an American store brand, it will be pasteurized. There is also a safe feta (brand is Saladena,) which is pasteurized as it is made in the US.


eyebeeablessing2u - December 14

I was told not to eat any blue cheese that is the Roquefort kind.


Andrea - January 12

Is it safe to eat bleu cheese and tuna when you are pregnant?


To Andrea - January 12

As long as the blue cheese made from is pastrized milk you should be fine.


Sheila - January 15

(agreeing with everyone else here) chances are it is totally fine, 3/4 of cheese made in north america is pasteurized. Including soft cheeses. Most stuff that is imported is also pasteurized, especially in the US, where the laws are pretty strict. I wouldn't worry too much about it, because in Europe women have been eating raw milk cheeses for centuries. I work in a cheese shop so people ask me about this all the time :)


gretchen - May 31

thank you for your answers. I love salad with blue cheese dressing and it just wasn't the same w/o it. Can't wait to have salad tonight!


juliefroggy - September 18

It is probably fine, however why would you risk it? I would not smoke, drink alcohol in any amount, get x-rays, take unnecessary medication or eat any questionable foods for 9 months. This is the time that your baby is developing their brain – why take any chances?


Franny - September 18

Juliefroggy, do you bathe and wash your veggies with Evian bottled water...? Do you breathe via oxygen tanks...?


kris_i_am - October 10

I was looking for answers to this as well, and you can see that all warnings state "soft cheeses that are unpasturized." As for juliefroggy: no mother needs to be made to feel guilty for asking questions! These are VERY good mothers for making sure of something before eating it!



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