Bulimia And Pregnancy

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B - May 10

I suffer from bulimia and may be pregnant, should I tell my doctor? I have been really good for about a month but afraid it will start again.


N - May 12

Hello B, I am sure you will find your doctor to be suppotive and not judgmental. This would not be the first time he or she would have help a pregnant woman with an eating disorder. It is great that you have been good for a month. But as you know many habits dont go away overnight they like to pop up when we are feeling down. I recomend that you take control of you health, read loads of books about healthy eating, eating disorders and of course babies. Hope all goes well for you.


charlotte - May 12

To B. I agree with N. talk to your doctor or a nurse. If they are not able to help they will find someone who can.


Erin - May 13

B -I am now 13 wks and have been bulimic for several years. Since the news of my pregnancy I have stopped all urges, maybe the maternal instinct of not wanting to hurt my baby. I have just begun to gain weight and only a pound or two. I am trying to be careful with what I eat so that I don't gain unnecessary weight. For me it is best to eat several small meals a day and then I avoid over eating and that disgusting full feeling and the need to release it. I told my boyfriend about my condition before I was pregnant and talking out loud about it helps, plus he's watching me and helping me deal with the weight gain in a positive manner rather than a negative I am getting so fat. I think you'll be fine, my real concern is after the baby if I'll revert back or over come it completely.


bridge - June 12

I've been bulimic for about 6 years. I've been trieing to get pregnant, and nothing yet. Have I ruined it all?


Jay - July 22

does a recovered bulimic have any problems getting pregnant?


Erin - July 22

I don't know about a recovered, but I got pregnant while actively purging and had been for several years. I still haven't told my doctor and I am having trouble gaining weight. Only 3 lbs and I'm 21 wks, I don't know if its related but I'm scared if I tell her she'll think I'm purging now, and I have stopped altogether. I think my metabolism is going crazy getting used to digesting food again plus working overtime to make baby.


tina - July 29

As a "recoverd" bulimic I haven't purged or used laxatives for 11 years. I would definately recommend talking to someone if you start getting anixety about weight gain. Purging will not only deprive you and your baby of necessary vitamins but dehydration will almost certainly cause you to misscarry or go intro preterm labor. I had a bout with bulimia at the end of my first pregnancy and went into preterm labor from dehydration. They were able to stop the baby from coming and everything turned out fine in the end but it scared me to death.


Danielle - September 9

You should definatly discuss your issues with your doctor. If you suffered from anemia or high blood pressure you certainly would talk to your physician. I have been bulimic for about 7 years and have two children and believe me the urges do come and go. We know that it is healthy to gain weight during pregnancy but for someone who has a distorted view of their weight anyway it is not always an easy issue.


A - September 28

Hello, I have been bullimic on and off now and i want to have children.... the only reason i keep doing what i do is because when i stop my weight piles back on... how can i stop and also not put weight back on... i am really sared


Lisa - September 28

You should tell your doctor, he needs to know how to treat you and your baby if something goes wrong and the baby is not getting enough nutrition.


janie - October 20

I am in much the same boat as you B i am 14 weeks and have suffered bulimia for years, i find myself obsessing over my body and i feel so dirty for doing these things. Tomorrow i am going to see a councellour, I dont want to but i will tell her about my feelings. I would be more than happy to let you know what she suggests.


Sara E - October 25

I am bulimic. I have been for about about 20 years. It is a secret from my friends, famiy and husband. When I got pregnant I thought for sure I would stop. I didn't tell my doctor, and I should have. You should let your doctor know. I just have kept this a secret for so long it didn't seem like I should tell him. I did throw up for about 5 months then stopped. I only threw up once a day, so in my head I thought it was ok, but at my 5th month when I started to show I had to stop. I knew I would be hurting my baby. Stopping saved my baby. She is healthy and almost 5 months now. I have stopped throwing up, and haven't since. It's a terriable illness. Tell your doctor. I didn't, but I should have. I couldn't live with the pain of knowing I caused harm to my unborn child. I am 40. I have been bulimic almost half my life. I know my life would have been different, and happier if I wasn't ill, and sought help. Please get help, and tell your doctor.


Renee - October 30

Well, you should always tell your doctor about everything but I wouldn't worry about it. Studies find that women who have really bad morning sickness actually have lower rates of miscarriage- this is because a lot of foods contain toxins, and women who throw them up miscarry less than women who don't throw up.


Emily - November 11

I have been bulimic for 8 years and can remember the very first day I started. I had been on a diet to lose weight and then became scared of putting it back on. I wanted to be perfect with everything I do, from studies, athletics, and the way I look. Last year I married the most perfect guy and the love of my life. I hate to keep this secret from him. We want to have a child and I also wonder if I will be able to conceive. I know I should get well first before falling pregnant, although I feel it may help me over-come this.


Sara - November 12

To emily. Please seek help, prior to getting pregnant. I had one miscarriage, and I still believe if I wasn't throwing up for those 2 months maybe the baby would have been ok? I will never know. It could have been natural causes, but I still blame myself. My 2nd pregnacy went well, but I still threw up, but than stopped when I started to show. Getting pregnant will not heal your illness. My child is 5 months old, and I just started again. I have relapsed. I have been bulimic almost half my life. Get help, please. Pregnacy is not a cure to bulima.


Emily - November 19

Thanks for your advise Sara. I have taken this seriously and I am searching for a good doctor or psychiatrist to deal with this problem. Unfortunately a few years ago I was seeing a councellor and I didn't improve from the bulimia so I had lost a lot of confidence in confiding in anyone. But the first step is definitely to seek help and believe in myself. That is wonderful that you have a healthy baby and she needs you to be healthy too.



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