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Rebecca - July 28

How much caffeine is ok? If I drink 1 or 2 cups of coffe a day will this hurt the baby?


michelle shone - March 28

I love my morning coffee. Can I still have a little caffeine?


Emmie - March 30

They say no caffine - but 2 small cups of normal coffee (no expressos and such) should be okay. Caffine dehydrates you, so if you do drink a couple of cups a day because you have too - make sure you drink more than 9 gla__ses of water a day to balance it out and keep yourself hydrated.


Jane - April 9

Check out Coffee taste and effect, but no caffeine


Monica Grisales - July 28

I'm dirinking about 2 cups of 97% decaffinated coffee in the A.M. but by lunch time I'm craving a CocaCola is this ok?


Joanne - September 13

checkout the coca-cola website - it includes reference to the caffeine content in beverages and foods - is quite interesting, and may provide you with some information which may not make you feel so guilty about that morning cup of coffee (although given that it's on the coca-cola website, they are unlikely to provide any unfavourable statistics that would put people off drinking Coke while pregnant, or at any time for that matter!!)


Sabrina - September 24

Cola pops are some of the worst things to drink when you are pregnant. Try to replace it with another floavours drink like kool-aid instead if you need to have flavored water.


rex - October 9

Caffeine increases the time that your fetus spends in an awake state, thus slowing growth. Researchers are not sure what amount, if any, caffeine is safe. Babies grow in their sleep so the less the better. I think 1 cup of weak coffee is not a big deal but 2 is pushing it. Can you try 1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular? Also, your cup could be huge for all anyone knows.


name - October 14

whats the deal with chocolate, as it has caffine in it, how much is safe? (i crave it really bad :p)


Re: Name - October 14

Depends on how pure your chocolate is. Some chocolate has a higher cocoa content than others thus affecting the level of caffiene. Eating large amounts everyday is not good. Not only due to the caffiene but also b/c of the fat and sugar. Eating a few or several squares each day is probably no big deal. Even if you eat a Hershey bar a day, it is likely fine but try not to overdo it. A box if Godiva each day could be a problem.


LJ - October 16

I don't drink coffee at all, but I do drink 1 or 2 large cups of tea per day. Does anyone know if the amount of caffeine in tea could be harmful? Also, I like to eat dark chocolate (the darker the better)--does anyone know how much caffeine is in chocolate? The other day my heart was racing and I think it was because I ate too much chocolate! It wasn't a large quant_ty, but it was quite dark.


E - for LJ - October 16

Dark chocolate has more caffeine than milk chocolate and, in large amounts, is no better than drinking coffee for the baby. As far as tea goes, depends how long you dip the bag and how dark the tea is. Earl Gray type teas have more caffeine than lighter colored teas. I dip my Darjeeling bag for less than 10 seconds as I love hot tea on a cold morning. Plus I will always need that pick-me-up, prego or not!


Tammy - October 18

I need to cut off on the coffee drinking or go onto Decaf. I drink atleast 10 cups a day with lots & lots of sugar. I don't drink soda. Good Luck to u all with the Caffine!!


E - October 18

Holy cow Tammy! That is a whole lot of coffee. Are you trying to cut down or just wishing you could, out of curiosity?


Tammy - October 18

E, Yes I have cut down a little. I been drinking coffee since I was 5 yrs old. I have not been in the mood for coffee for about 3 days. But if I do still drink alot like I did with my other 2 kids I will just drink Decaf. like the doctor told me. Maybe that is why my kids are so HYPER! LOL!


Tammy - October 18

I also forgot I also drink more then I eat. So I can be starving and drink coffee and then I will be full. I been doing that for ever now. I think that is why i been able to go back to normal size after having 2 childre.


E - October 18

Well, good luck cutting down. I really hope you can for your baby's sake. And please eat b4 the coffee so at least your baby is fed while it stays awake. Honestly, please try to wean yourself. I know it must be very difficult as I am a former coffee drinker but it is so important.



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