Caffeine Free VS DeCaf

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Lynn - April 18

I'm trying to stay caffeine free at least during the first trimester. So I heard somewhere that decaf is not caffeine free. It just has very little caffeine in it. Has anyone else heard this? And, what about tea that is "naturally decaffeinated" is this caffeine free or just reduced caffeine? Thanks


Jenn... - April 18

Though I don't exactly know the answer to your question, I have heard that decaf coffee does have a very small amount of caffeine in it. I have never heard about the naturally decaffeinated teas. I don't think that this small amount of caffeine would be harmful at all. I was told by my doctor not to drink more than two caffeinated beverages per day during first trimester. I did still avoid it though, and had morning coffee only when absolutley needed.


KellyB - April 18

I heard that the amounts in decaf is really insignificant. And that it is fine. I too was told to limit my caffeine intake to about 2 drinks a day. Even now at 24 weeks if i have a cup of caffinated tea in the morning I stick to decaf or caffeine free the remainder of the day. Or if I know i am going to have soda at lunch, I have decaf tea in the a.m. And lots of water in between of course!


Julia - April 18

Lynn it's very little caffeine, don't worry about it. I am also drinking decaf although I have the odd cup of regular, but not more than 1 cup per day.


Kristin - April 23

While normal coffee's have around 300 mg of caffeine a decaf may have trace amounts: probably 10 mg or less. Take a look at the container, it should tell you.


asianmama - May 8

decaf has a little caffeine - drink in moderation. as for the "naturally decaffeinated" it still has a little caffeine it just is filtered with pure h20 instead of chemicals - I think i read that some where. I drink no caffeine teas, you can find them at any organic store.


Annabelle - June 3

I was just told by my local coffee shop owner that they use an ARSENIC BATH in the process used to decaffeinate coffee. There is a coffee available that uses a "Swiss Water Process" with no chemicals involved in removing the caffeine, which I'll be switching to from now on. Also, the amount of caffeine in a cup of decaf coffee is about the same as the amount found in a piece of chocolate or a gla__s of chocolate milk ... not much to make a difference in my opinion! I'm certainly not giving up chocolate too! :o)



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