Can Baby Aspirin Avoid Miscarriages Pls Answer Me

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Sha - July 12

I have heard and do some research here in the internet on how baby aspirin works on pregnant women. I just have a m/c last week and trying to concieve again; but i want to get a good shape and healthy pregnancy this time and do everything to avoid repeat m/c. Does anyone here take or took baby aspirin before or while pregnant? Is it truly effective? How and how long did you take it? Please share!! Thanks for your answers!


cathy - July 30

I have had one healthy pregnancy and two possibly three miscarriages. One was so early but was detected with early pregancy test. I researched regading baby aspirin. It is to help with the prevention of clotting, which wont cut off oxygen to your baby. there are blood test you can have to be tested for a immune defiency.


Michelle - August 1

I am taking baby aspirin during this pregnancy to help keep my blood pressure under control. Its really not making a difference in it, but I am taking it and having no problems at all.


Sam - August 2

I just found out a few days ago i was pregnant and i asked about the m/c cause i wanted to make sure i wouldn't have one and she said that there's nothing you can do to prevent them what happens is that the reason people have m/c's is because the baby when it was conceived is already deformed and your body won't accept it so deformed so in a way your body gets rid of it for you. I thought it was pretty interesting


Claire - August 5

I totally believe that it can and does for lots of women - I am 9 weeks through with aspirin after a miscarriage. My sister had 6 m/c and then three kids but only WITH 75mg aspirin from the first day of a positive test each time. good luck.


bee - August 11

My fertility clinic recommended baby aspirin b/c a study has shown it can help with preventing miscarriages. Take from that what you will.


Claire Grant - August 11

Hi there, I am very sorry to hear of your recent miscarriage. I wrote on here earlier so forgive me if I am repeating myself. I had one miscarriage but my sister had 6 in a row. She only had successful pregnancy's when she took baby aspirin. There were no test results implying she needed it but she felt anything was worth a try. So after my miscarriage I decided I wouldn't risk a repeat if I could help it so I took the baby aspirin as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test which in my case was about 4 days before my period was due. Yesterday, I had my second scan as they are watching me closely, I am 9 and a half weeks and the baby is doing fine - it was moving around, has had a heart beat since week 5 and fingers crossed it will stay this way! I hope this helps - please feel free to ask me anything else at all. If you don't mind me asking - how far were you and was it your first m/c? Good luck with whatever you decide. Claire


Janet - August 15

Sorry to hear of your m/c. I had 3 m/c last year and am now 4 weeks pregnant and was advised to take baby aspirin as soon as I had a positive test. I'm hoping and praying that things go well. Reading some of your replies it looks very positive. The very best of (Irish) luck to you!! Janet Northern Ireland


Aline - August 16

Hi, I am very sorry for your loss, myself i have had 3 m/cs, i know how it feels the last one was in July 04. I am trying to get pregnant again and after many tests my Doctor prescribed me low dose aspirin (baby aspirin) daily, I hope and pray hard that i will be able to have children now.


allison - September 6

I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first after 2 m/c. My specialist put me on baby aspirin from the start of my pregnancy due to clotting disorder and I'm still taking it. The pregnancy has been healthy & normal. I belive it is effective. I plan to go off of it soon.


Yas - September 8

Hi -- I am 6.5 weeks pregnant with my first child through one cycle of IVF. My doctor has prescribed me baby aspirin (81mg) for 12 weeks. He says this is to prevent m/c. So far, we're doing great -- fingers crossed! No spotting at all and I heard a strong hb at 6 weeks.


mini - September 14

hi sha. sorry to hear about ur m/c. don't worry. try for the next. i too had a m/c 3 mnths back. after that my doc asked me to take folic acid preconceptionally. now iam again pregnant & i'm 5 wks now. i 'm taking folic acid tabs , & 75mg aspirin & i'm hoping for the best. so u do one thing. u just contact a gynaecologist now itself & ask him/ her ab't starting folic acid preconceptionally.i think these will help u the next time. good luck


allison - September 14

My doctor put me on baby aspirin when testing after 2 m/c revealed that I have a tendency to clot more so than normal. I started baby aspirin as soon as I found out I was pg a 3rd time. I've been on it my entire pregnancy, which I'm now almost 34 weeks pregnant. My doctors plan to keep me on it at least up to week 37/38. I do believe it is effective as a friend of mine who also had multpile m/c delievered a healthy baby boy after a pregnancy taking baby aspirin. Also, an alternative treatment to investigate is accupuncture. I've seen an accupuncturist this entire pregnancy. There is a theory that it decreases the risk of m/c. All the best to you!


Lissa - September 27

: Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that this can help you.I have suffered two diagnosed miscarriages both at about 6 weeks. My first doctor said it must be a fluke and that they don't do anything until the 3rd miscarriage. To me that is the worst thing you can say so someone having even 1 miscarriage, so I found a doctor who would do something. He told me to give him two weeks and he would find something. After tons of lab work, HSG, ultrasound after ultrasound, and more lab work, sure enough he found it. I had a positve ANA of 1:680. He explained it like this it easiest terms. That my body see's an embryo as foriegn and there for it attacks it by clotting it off. He told me to take a baby Aspirin for 60 days before trying to concieve again and then once I get a poisitve pregnancy test to have ANA tested again to see if the aspirin is all need or if I need to switch to lovenox or hepirin. He said that I would not need to see a Rhuemi because nothing else showed up on my lab work endicating any other disease. I hope this helps you because he also said that this can haooen to people that already have one child.


Prism - October 12

My sister had 5 miscarriages. Her OB/GYN put her on baby aspirin and she had the next two children. She swears on it!


MICHELLE - October 13

I am taking baby asprin. I have been since before I was pregnant. For me it is to help prevent M/C due to clotting in the placenta in the 1st trimester. So far so good. I was told to stop at 8 months, only because you dont want blood to be thin when you deliver so you wont bleed as much. Godd luck


Lissa - October 30

To Renee. Have you had miscarriages? I am not sure if you know that we are all talking about baby aspirin not adult aspirin.



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