Can Baby Aspirin Avoid Miscarriages Pls Answer Me

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Lissa - October 30

To Renee. Have you had miscarriages? I am not sure if you know that we are all talking about baby aspirin not adult aspirin.


Liliana - November 1

For Lisa from liliana. I saw what you wrote about your positive ANA and I have the same thing. I had also two mc's and I would appreciate if you can tell me how you are doing on baby aspirin. Did you need lovenox? I'm trying to get pregnat again but I want more info. Thaks a lot.


Lissa - November 2

To lilianna. I have been on baby aspirin for 3 months now and can start trying this month.Once I get a positive pregnancy test I will get the ANA tested again to see if I am responding to aspirin or if I need to take lovenox or heprin. Just to let you know lovenos is very expensive I had a positive ANA and that is it ,all other tests were normal. I am going to see an internal medicine doctor just incase she thinks I need more testing to follow up on the ANA. So I will keep you posted on how things go. If you have any other questions just let me know. DId you have a positive ANA also? What was your level? Did they say they would test you again for the ANA? Sorry for all the questions.


Liliana - November 3

To Lissa from liliana Hi lissa I'm glad you answered. I have a positive ANA of 1:80 which my reumatologist told me it was very low. They also found the lupus anticuagulant a little high not too much. Anyways my OB sent my to the reumatologist and the run a bunch of tests to rule out lupus...I was really nervous about that. So far thank God I don't have anything like that so they told me to start trying to get pregnant again but I didn't want to try until I was sure what the treatment was all about, etc. Yesterday My husband and I went to see my Ob and I had a lot of questions for him about the aspirin and the levonox. He told me to start taking the aspirin now 81 mg. and when we get a positive result he is going to start me on levonox and hopefully he thinks it will be only for the first three months and then I will be o.k without it. He also told me that he was going to put me on progesterone to cover all our bases. I remeber about your e-mail and asked him if he was going to test my ANA again and he said no. He said that my reumatologist will do that but he was just going to do my treatment for the pregnancy. My reumatologist wants to see me every three months to follow up on my ANA. Lissa I would recomend for you to see a reumatologist so he can do all the rest of test that you may need to have peace of mind. I was really glad to read your e-mail since I feel that I'm not alone in this. To be honest with you I felt very confortable after I saw my OB yesterday. He told us that he's had many cases like mine and that with that treatment the succes rate is about 90% that is pretty good right? Anyways this whole thing has been vey hard for me..I always stop myself from thinking the worse but sometimes I can't help it. I guess we just need to have faith and beleive that children are like angels that God brings us and he'll decide when to do it. Anyways I'm sorry with my long e-mail and thank you so much for your answer. If you have anymore questions please let me know. The doctor said I didn't have to be on apirin for 60 days before trying so I started taking it yesterday and I'm going to start trying just like you...I wish you the best and know that you will be in my prayers. If you want you can also write me to my e-mail at [email protected]


Lissa - November 4

To Lilianna, Thank you so much for all your help an information. I am meeting with a internal medicine doctor this coming week, to get a second opinion. I wish you the best of luck. I will keep in touch if that is ok with you. Let me know how you are doing, my prayers are with you.


Liliana - November 4

To Lissa. I would really like if you keep in touch with me so we both can share our experiances. Hopefully we will get pregnant at the same time!!!! The best of luck and let me know how it goes with your doctor. I'll let you know if anything new on my side. Take care.


Bohnwin - November 6

To Liliana, Lissa, and Renee, this is going to be wordy, and I am sorry about it being so long... aspirin (81 mg, the same dose recommended for angina patients) is actually the chosen therapy in a condition called MTHFR which reduces the mother's body from utilizing B12, and causing ONTD in the fetus. Also, it is the chosen therapy in certain clotting disorders which may cause a clot in the placenta, reducing blood flow to the fetus, resulting in miscarriage. Aspirin actually inhibits your platelet's ability to bond to one another to form a clot. Aspirin is dangerous to a fetus in a woman that is COMPLETELY healthy. This is why most OB's will prescribe Acetominaphen (Tylenol) for pain. Also, it may cause Rye's syndrome in fetus's of mothers or children effected by Varicella (Chicken Pox). If you have had Chicken Pox, or the Varicella shot, then disregard. But, for women with clotting disorders such as MTFHR, Factor V Leiden, Lupus, etc. your doc may prescribe aspirin as a therapy, and maybe even coumadin (wafarin), to help not conceive, but avoid m/c. Lovenox covers the other side of the coin. There are three pathways your blood takes to coagulate: the Intrinsic (coumadin or aspirin usually treats problems in this pathway), Extrinsic (Lovenox, or Heparin treats problems in this pathway), and Common Pathway. Any type of abnormality in these pathways may cause you to form a clot in your placenta, and decrease blood flow to your fetus resulting in m/c. You can further explore these at:, and a flow chart at, and further information at These sites explain how healthy blood clotting occurs. Sometimes abnormalities occur where clots are formed although there is no damage done to a blood vessel. Some abnormalities in these coagulation factors may go undiagnosed until a female becomes pregnant, and m/c several times, or becomes older, and becomes a victim of stroke or heart attack. If you have had repeated m/c, ask your doc for a PT/PTT (Prothrombin time/ Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) This is a screening test which will test both the extrinsic and intrinsic sides of your coagulation cascade to ensure that they are normal. Your doc's are probably treating for the most common which are: Factor V leiden, and Lupus Anticoagulant (treatable by aspirin and/or wafarin) and Protein C or S deficiency. It sounds to me like they are on their game, and doing the aspirin after repeated m/c is a smart if you are serious about carrying a baby to term. Also, this is not a requirement, but a recommendation, ask if they are consulting w/ a doc who specializes in hemostasis, or hematology.


Liliana - November 9

To Lissa, I was wondering if you had gone to your did it go?. I hope everything went fine. Goood luck


Lissa - November 11

To lilliana, I did not get to go to the doctor because I got new insurance and they wouldnot let me go . So I either need to find a new one or I might just let it be in Gods hands. Thanks for asking. How are you doing? any new news with you? Keep in touch and good luck to you also.


Liliana - November 11

To Lissa, That's too bad that you couldn't go to the doctor. I know how difficult insurance companies can be. I think everything is going to be o.k with you. Can the doctor that told you about the ANA run all the rest of the test you need to rule out an inmmunological disease? or did he do it already? because if that is the case you should just leave it like you say in God's hands and think that everything is going to be o.k. I think that his treatment sounds reasonable. Is he an OB ? Are you going to start trying? Well we started trying again this week and we'll see at the end of the month when I'm supposed to get my period if there are any news.I hope there are but at the same time the thought of getting pregnant again makes me really nervous because of what I've been through before. I'm doing my best to be positive and have faith in God. I hope everything works out for you. Let me know what happens. My thoughts are with you.


karine - November 14 a site that i found on the internet


Cat - November 16

I have had one healthy pregnancy and am now 5 weeks pregnant for the 7th time. My other pregnancies were 3 early m/c all before 8 weeks, one ectopic pregnancy and the last one that I lost at 15 weeks. After the 15 week m/c, my doctor sent me in for blood work and found out that I have Factor V Leiden, a hereditary disorder that I received from one of my parents. It causes my blood to clot 8-10 times more than the average person. Contracting it from BOTH of your parents means that your risk of clotting is more like 100 times. My doctor suggested that if I was to get pregnant again, that I could do one of three things. 1. nothing, and hope for the best. 2. take baby aspirin from the time of a positive test result up until my 8th month. 3. give myself heparin injections. My hubby's insurance does not cover prescriptions, and the doc said it would be around $500/month for Heparin, which we cannot afford. I would need to take injections during the length of the pregnancy AND for 6 months after. So I started taking baby aspirin last week when I got a positive result back. I've had no spotting or bleeding, which was not the case in any of the other m/c. I hope this helps.


Claudia - November 16

To Cat. I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully the baby aspirin will work for you. I don't understand if you had a pregnancy that was healthy how did you develop that after? isn't hereditary?I've had 2 mc's before one at 5 wks and the second was a chemical pregnancy. My doctor found out I have ANA positive and put me in aspirin now that I'm trying to get pregnant again, he said once I get a positive result to star with Lovenox shots ( heparin) every day. I don't know if my insurance will cover that hopefully it will. I wish you the best in you pregnancy. keep us posted. God bless.


April - November 17

My doctor has suggested for me to take baby aspirin also. Which kind is more effective? Chewable or coated?


bunny - November 17

I have been on low dose asprin 75mg for ages and ages now, I am currently in my 2 week wait on our 4th go of IVF and I have been adviced to carry on taking it. My sister in law had 2 M/C at 10 & 9 weeks, on her third she took the asprin and had a healthy baby boy, allthough he was 9 & a half weeks prem he is fine. Sounds like its used alot now a days.


Jo - December 16

For Claire pls. Hi there. Was interested to hear that your sister's tests did not indicate the need for Aspirin, but that she gave it a go and had a successful pregnancy. I have had 2 m/c both in the 8th week. We have had all the tests and all results came back normal. My Dr has recommended aspirin from the next +ve pregnancy test and to be honest I feel the need to do more this time than the other two times and so am going to try aspirin. Yours and your sister's successes have given me hope. thanks



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