Can Baby Aspirin Avoid Miscarriages Pls Answer Me

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Jo - December 16

For Claire pls. Hi there. Was interested to hear that your sister's tests did not indicate the need for Aspirin, but that she gave it a go and had a successful pregnancy. I have had 2 m/c both in the 8th week. We have had all the tests and all results came back normal. My Dr has recommended aspirin from the next +ve pregnancy test and to be honest I feel the need to do more this time than the other two times and so am going to try aspirin. Yours and your sister's successes have given me hope. thanks


jessica - January 20

just s_x dec 26 and 29.. till jan 3 or 4 drop bleed... should period jan 19 but 3 days stop bleed... wait till jan 19 missed period and today... i have a baby? or not


Alison - January 27

I am taking small dose aspirin. This is my 4th pregnancy after 3 miscarriages. All the tests we had gave no explanations so Dr suggested trying the small dose aspirina anyway. I am 6 weeks 2 days and have my first scan on Tuesday-very nervous and excited! It helps to read encouraging stories here thank you. By the way someone asked about different kinds of tablets-mine are soluble ones just happened to be the kind the chemist had-75mg tablets. I put one in a small amount of water then drink it down. Wishing everyone the very best and happy healthy pregnancies-may we all blessed xxx


babyonboard13 - January 30

There is NO reason to take baby aspirin unless you know you have a clotting disorder risk factor (take a simple blood test). Too much bleeding isnt good either. You need to be diagnosed before taking any meds. People with any clotting risk factors generally take a baby aspirin per day.


Katie - February 5

I have a ? to all those who have been diagnosed with some sort of "thick blood" disorder and have had previous miscarriages. My ? is this - did you notice very big dark clots during your monthly bleeding? Or did any blood test show high fibronigin in the blood? I've had 3 miscarriages and not getting any younger-I'll be 36 next month and really hate waiting - time is not on my side - Doctor tells me wait to try again, did she look at my birth date? I'm thinking I may take baby aspiring anyway because I know I clot alot during cycles so I probably do have "thick blood." I also know that I do have a thick endo lining. Does anyone out there think baby aspirin is right for me? Of course, I'll talk to the Doctor about it too, but I just want someone's opinion. Thanks for your time!


JH - February 14

Katie, There are blood tests available to test for blood clotting disorders. I was tested after my miscarraige and luckily it came back normal. Because of my history insurance covered it. The only trick I learned was that you cannot test within 3 months of miscarraige. Your still have pregnancy hormones in you until then and can mess up test results. Best of luck!


knk458 - February 21

I am 35 and have had 2 miscarriges last year. My fertility specialist put me on baby asprin because he said it helps with implantation.


Anne - February 25

I had 2 m/c, 1 at 6 wks. and 1 at 8 wks. My dr. did blood work and I have the ANA & MTFHR issues. I had no symptoms (no heavy af's) or anything. I would have never known I had clotting issues until I tried to get pg. Per the dr's. instructions, I have been taking a baby aspirin every day since the blood work came back. I am now 25 WEEKS PREGNANT!! Everything is going along well and my baby girl is due 6/9. Good Luck to you all!!


mandy - February 28

Hey Ladies! Thanks for posting such honest and supportive information! I have had 2 early M/C in the last 4 months and am so frustrated! The thing is I have one beautiful little boy who is 2 and he wasn't even planned! I know this must sound so greedy for me to be upset about not having any luck getting pg again, but I never thought I'd have these issues! The worst part is that the doctors don't seem worried. They said 5 weeks is really early and until I have 3 m/c they don't do testing! They did however mention sort of lightly to try baby asprin. I just wanted to know if its better to take it everyday or just start when you get a possitive test! Thanks for your feedback and baby prayers for all of you!!!


Cary - March 3

Has anyone tried to fly with these conditions in the 1st trimester?


naomi - March 6

I have a low positive ANA and have had 2 m/c s. I am going to try clomid and use lovenox plus bby aspirin as soon as i ovulate just in case i get preg. I'll also take progesterone suppositories to boost that as well. Wish me luck, thanks for all your info!


naomi - March 6

By the way, im taking the aspirin everyday prior to attempting to conceive. that and prenats. everything else right after but diff dr's have diff views on that, there is no right answer. Good luck everyone, i know how you feel.


ms optimistik - September 12

Hey ladies. I just had my first m/c and immediately the OB put me on Birth control pills for 2 months. to prevent me getting pregnant before my body was ready (or healed). Then she said to take prenantal vit. but to make sure it had 4mg of folic acid. Most only have less than 1 mg so check this. If not they sell just Folic acid pills. Then she said after the pill for 2 months, then stop and start taking baby asprin. she mentioned chewable but 80-81 mg of that. I really liked this OB she was very thorough. I do have 2 kids already but they are 10 yrs old. I was on Depo for 8+ yrs and since not having a cycle found out I was pg. lost the baby 5 days after I found out but I was only 3 weeks. Like I said only 1 m/c and she took these measures she said she read studies too that said it works. After reading all of your stories it sounds like it does!!! Good luck to all. It s nice to have these forums were everyone has gone through the same things and understands yet still says positive things. Thank you to ALL.


jennifer_33106 - September 12

Hey ms optimistik, This thread is over 2 years old. I dont think you'll get a lot of replies here but if you try the Signs of Pregnancy board of the pregnancy loss forum you are sure to get some answers and support. :)


sandra_rivera20 - October 7

hello there i am so glad i found this forum i had 2 regular pregnancies a 9 yr old and 5 yr old twins i left there father there was just always problems between us anyways i found the man of my dream and he is wonderful with me and kids so my first try at giving him a child was dec 2005 i ended up having a m/c at 4 weeks on mother's day 2006 i had another m/c i was about 5 weeks then at the end of dec 2006 i find out i was preg again in march they give me an ultrasound and see the sac but nothing 2 weeks later i expeled it was horrible the other m/c were just like a normal period this one something came out any ways my ob is so incosiderate he tells me there's nothing u can do and if i want to know to find a hospital that has an endroconology reproductive clinic and they can tell me he dosen't even tell me where to go so i belong to this group on line called and some lady posted how she had a m/s and so did i and she told me about a friend of her's that her doctor told her to take aspirin and she had a healthy baby so about 1 week ago i started researching and decided to go ahead and start taking an aspirin a day yesterday i took a preg test and i am preg so i am happy but scared i did notice that after the twins i had a c-section because they said i had placenta previa that my period i would get alot of clotting i mean i always had clotting my whole life but this was worst my flow went heavier than normal and losts and very big clots could i have developed that blood problem everyone has mentioned anyways does anyone know if you can take like regular tylenol while u are taking the aspirin like if you get a pain or a bad headache sorry it was so long and thank you in advance for your responses and for listening


tdr0032 - November 13

I had a m/c 2 days ago.. at 6 weeks. My Dr. told me to take one baby aspirin a day until we try again which will be in dec/jan. and she also said that i will probably have to take one a day until i am 10-12 weeks... this is my 3rd m/c at 6 weeks. she said that the aspirin would help fight off immunities. but i am just like you... looking for information.... good luck



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