Can I Eat Raw Fish

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Julia - September 10

I love sushi and smoked fish can I eat them whilst pretnant?


Shelly - June 24

It's not a good idea either when pregnant or nursing. I wouldn't take the chance.


Kiwi Kid - September 9

the Japanese eat raw fish while pregnant, they don't seem to think there is anything wrong with it. Interesting thought


brucen - September 10

It is an interesting thought if you don't know much about the culture. In the 1950s, women in Minimata, Japan, exposed to high levels of mercury in fish gave birth to children with grievous birth defects. Since then, it has become clear that even low levels of mercury exposure in women can cause neurological problems in their children, affecting language, hearing, and movement. Raw fish consumption is warned against , even in Japan, while pregnant not just because of mercury but E. coli too. Sushi although a staple of the Japanese diet is not all they eat. They do actually cook some foods. In fact some Japanese women believe eating red meat (cooked of course) will cause the baby to have thicker hair or smarter if they ate more veggies and eggs.


Iris - August 25

I eat Cooked Sushi when I am pregnant but what about the masago they put on top? I didn't think of that. I am so worried. Please reply soon.


Nicole - August 25

Iris you are probably safe, especially if you haven't been sick. It will also comfort you to know that masago is among safest types of sushi which means it has one of the lowest amounts of mercury. They don't really use all that much so that means you only got a smidge. Totally off subject, but I can't stand to have them in my mouth that popping gives me the willies. You can have all of my masago and wasabi!


Mitch Hutchinson, RN - September 13

Definitely not a good idea to eat any unprepared fish. Your OB/Gyn physician will be able to tell you what is and is not safe.



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