Can I Loose Weight Safely

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Sinead - February 10

I am very overweight, @95 kg, and I am just over 4 weeks pregnant. I had just re-started visiting the gym and dieting when I found out I was expecting. I badly need to loose weight to avoid diabetes, pre-eclampsia and so that I do not aggravate a latent hypertensive inclination. Can you please advise me?


Jenni - March 1

Hi. I am also in a similar situation. I have a six month old baby and I am three months pregnant. I am also at least 75 pounds overweight! As you can see, I have not had much of an opportunity to just have my body to myself! My OBGYN explained to me that I should continue to exercize moderately (no jogging or jumping up and down as with aerobics)- walking is great exercize. I limit my carbs (bread, pasta and sweets) and I increase my fruits, veggies and proteins. Basically, all were talking about is a balanced diet with some moderate exercize. This is healthier for the baby and myself. Check with your health care provider and good luck.


charlotte - March 2

To Sinead And Jenni. Hi I have looked up some info for you from a great book called what to eat when you are expecting. Some of the main points I have understood are... (1) Every bite counts. You have nine months of meals to give your baby the bast posible start in life. So when you eat think, is this food going to help my baby. (2) Carbs are important, avoid white carbs that have little goodness in them, chose whole meal bread, brown rice, grains and nuts. (3) If you starve yourself you will starve you baby, being pregnant is not the best time to diet. But it is a great time to avoid putting on more than you need to and to get fit. You can diet after the baby is born. (3) Avoid sugar and sugar subst_tutes, Fats and empty foods. (4) Try to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, the more they have been changed the less nutrition they contain. (5) Full up on healthy foods and you will not get hungry. Drink loads of water and exersize everyday. I would see your doctor if you plan to lose weight as it can be dangerous for the baby if you cat out the wrong foods. I hope it all goes well for yu both.



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