Canned Tuna

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Cali - October 13

Is canned tuna considered raw fish? Is it safe to eat tuna salad, etc.? Thanks!


E - October 14

There are limits to how much tuna you can eat while pregnant due to the mercury found in tuna. I think Albacore tuna has the highest amount of mercury so if you can avoid it all together, great. If not, I believe my doctor sheet stated < 2 cans per week is okay. Raw or cooked makes no difference. Both may be eaten. Non-Albacore tuna can be eaten in higher amounts but there is a limit. I think it is around 5 cans per week or less? Tuna salad is so yummy and I craved it during my first 3 months even though I am a vegetarian. I thought I was going to break down for sure. I still fantasize about it.


brucen - October 22

E is correct but ALL raw fish should be avoided during pregnancy. Not so much for the mercury content but for the bacteria that may be living on it.


gaby - November 8



Jessica - June 10

Hi. No, I don't think tuna is raw. If it was I dont think we'd all be eating it so much. lol... I am almost 11 weeks pregnant and tuna is so good to me right now. My nutritionist at the hospital I go to says only one can per week, but I dont believe that. My husband is also a nutritionist and he says there is not enough mercury in tuna that could hurt me. Who knows. I think people say different stuff. I get the 3 oz. packages just to be on the safe side.


Lisa - June 14

Hi Cali, Canned tuna is not raw fish. I eat a can of Tuna or Salmon per day, sometimes twice a day- and I've been advised Tuna & Salmon are safe during pregnancy.


gs - June 15

Tuna can also be purchaced raw at fish markets and caught from the sea. So it is posible to come in contact with raw tuna, it is funny that we forget that tuna comes from a raw fish and not just in cans. I agree that raw fish should be avoided. I too love tuna and eat a large can most weeks, I am trying to cut down.


Justine - June 15

I was told you can eat up to 2 medium sized cans of tuna a week but shouldn't exceed that due to the mercury.


anne - June 20

to be safe, avoid it all together. and remember when the hospital/doctor wants to give your baby shots to request thimersol-free vaccines (they have no mercury). you will have to request this before the baby arrives so that your doctor can order them in advance. mercury is a known cause of autism.



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