Chewable Prenatal Vitamins

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shana - August 11

I am taking chewable prenatal vitamins everyday because I find it difficult to swallow tablets. Is taking chewable prenatal vitamins just as good as taking tablets? Are there anyone else who is, or know of others who have taken chewable prenatal vitamins and have a healthy baby? Any response is greatly appreciated.


Ann - April 23

I took them when I was pregnant with my son. He's now almost 4. He has a great disposition. He's smart. He's healthy. Take the chewables! And good luck!


Sharon LaVoisne - May 25

I took chewables and had a very healthy baby. He is almost 1 year old and he's never been sick - not once! Go for it!


Medusa - June 4

My chewables had aspertame in them so I switched to non-chewables.


Heidi - June 7

What brand are your chewables and where can you buy them? I have never seen them but they would be great since I hate swallowing pills. Thanks!


Sonja - July 1

Where & what brand did you find chewable prenatal vitamins? I am having a difficult finding any that are chewable. Thanks!


Michelle - July 8

Hi, I'm just like you. I cannot swallow pills either. Nice to know I'm not alone. I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby. With my 1st I took chewable prenatal vitamins called nat-chew, but it made me sick,so my DR said to just take a reg. multi vitamin, just make sure it has 400mlgr's of Folic Acid that is most important, with my 2nd pregnancy I talked with my Dr and told him i was taking the kids bugs bunny daily multi chewable vit. at day & He said that is fine just so it has the 400mlgr of Folic Acid. I have a cousin who did the same thing and we both have had healthy girls who are now 3 yrs old.


vanessa - August 4

im feeling so tired


Natasha - August 11

I was on the chewable prenatal vitamins when i had my child 2 yrs ago and she is healthy as ever. I had a hard time tying to swallow tablets so i went with these. They are a great way to be able to take the vitamins with the people finally in mind that cannot swallow the pills!


Marla Owens - August 11

I did not take chewable's...but I did take the same vitamin that Bobby McCaughey took. She's the lady that had the the first set of septuplets 7 years ago. These are awesome vitamins as you know how healthy her babies turned out. If you email me I'll give you more info.


ashley - September 29

d__n, I need to make a visit to my dr. If i had known there were chewables I wouldn't have these nasty tablets! ; P


yolanta - November 5

The best chewables are called "precare". They taste great and leave no after taste. Im 8 weeks pregnant.


Michelle - November 16

Yes, i also take chewable vitamins, my care provider recommended Flinstone vitamins for me because i have a really hard time swallowing pills.


estee - November 16

it might not be the exact topic, but i couldn't swallow my vitamins either, they tasted horrible and were huge (i was supposed to take 6 a day!) and they made me nauseous and i had to vomit, but i found this incredible ones, they're called RAINBOW LIGHT JUST ONCE PERNATAL ONE. as the name indicates, you only have to take one a day, they are coated with vegetable food glaze, so they just slip right down like nothing, they have a pretty neutral taste, they are very gentle on the stomach, contain fresh ginger juice to make the first trimester easier (ginger helps with morning sickness), all natural vegetable based, so they are good for vegans and vegetarians also. i am not trying to do any advertising here, but they truly are great, i wish i would have known about them before. oh, and the price is the same range as those "bad" vitamins i had before.


Amber - February 2

Does anybody know where to pick up the chewable prenatals called "nat-chew" or "precare"? Are they at a major store or on the internet?


jennifer - February 26

I am on the Rainbow Light Once a Day Prenatals. The gentleman at the store from which I purchased them said his wife took them and they did not upset her stomach. Not so much for me. They make me extremely queasy.


cathy - March 6

yes my daughter did and her baby was find



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