Chocolate And Pregnancy

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Tabetha - September 12

hi every1! ive heard that if u eat chocolate when u are pregnant, the baby will be happier and more cheerful than a baby whos mother didnt eat any chocolate during kinda weird but im just wondering have ne of u herad anything about it? im just curious.. :D


joella - August 10

i think i read that somewhere too. i think in baby girls


brucen - August 11

I have read about this study as well, in some UK newspaper. It was a Finnish study, I think? Chocolate also has caffiene, so I was trying to avoid it, but small doese are ok. Besides who can resist chocolate!


Gwen - September 12

I ate A LOT of chocolate during the last 3 months of pregnancy. I just couldn't get enough of it. My baby is now 4 months. He hardly every cries and smiles and giggles all the time. The smiles started at about 6 weeks. I hear many comments such as "Is he always this happy?" And I proudly say "yes!" Eat intuitively and surrender to some of those cravings!:)


jillayala - September 21

I ate chocolate quite a bit and although I don't mind the 40 extra pounds I gained, I'd do it again to have a baby who slept through the night after three weeks and is the happiest of the five children I've had! Thanks to Cadbury (it's British/Canadian), I'm the happiest mother of 6 now!


nancy - September 22

If this is true im screwed cuz i dont like chocolate:(


LJ - October 16

I love you Tabetha, this is the best news I've ever heard! :) I didn't want to eat chocolate the first few months of my pregnancy, but lately (I just started third trimester) I can't get enough of it. So I guess I'll go ahead and give in!


Tammy - October 17

I ate alot of Chocolate while I was pregnant with my 9 month old son. My son is the most Happy, cheerful baby. He never cries. The only time he will cry is when his teeth are hurting. That is it. I am in shock because with my daughter that is 5 1/2 yrs old now all she did was CRY and still does! They are totally Diff. I am pregnant with my 3rd baby so if that is true I better start eating some more chocolate soon!


Mellissa - October 19

Chocolate has very low doses of caffeine in comparison to only one medium cup of coffee so, unless you are already taking in too much caffeine in the form of soda and coffee, don't worry about that. It is high in fat and sugar though so this would be the reason to eat it moderately. I've heard of this study as well and a lot of people swear by it so why not indulge a bit now and again. If you're b___stfeeding, you're not supposed to eat it so I would enjoy it now!


E - October 19

Okay - so I am here to pick on this study b/c it was poorly done. The correlation was made by gathering reports from mothers (who regularly consumed chocolate) about how their babys behaved. researchers had no control over the other factors in the mother's lives which means the babys' behaviors could be related to a variety of other factors in the mothers lives. Hey, I am not bashing chocolate as I am eating an Almond Joy while I type but I wouldn't quote this study as it is about as vague as it gets. The study even admits this is the pitfall. Huge pitfall in my opinion. If you run a study, the more control you have over your experimental group, the more likely the behavior you are measuring will be due to your hypothesis.


Annika - January 2

I read the same article. Yeah chocolate!! One side note though, some posts stated that chocolate has caffeine, which is not true. Pure Choclate contains Theobromine, which is similar to Caffeine, but does not have any of the bad effects of Caffeine. So, unless the candy maker adds caffeine during production, caffeine does not occur naturally in Chocolate.


JLG - January 6



Angie - February 4

This is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard...sounds like someone's trying to rationalize their consumption. Chocolate actually has a stimulant that is stronger than caffine (Theobromine). It can actually reduce the size of your baby's brain. I did not consume any chocolate during my pregnancy, and everyone always comments on how happy my daughter is. She is 2 now and very well behaved. If you're considering eating more chocolate because you think it will make your child a happier child, you need to have your head examined.


anon - February 4

There are women that will believe anything you tell them, as long as they like what they are hearing. A study could claim that farting in public helps the baby's brain grow neurons and soon, public farting by pregnant women will be on the rise. The media LOVES to report c___ppy studies, like it is the next breakthrough in science.


bubblymum - February 5

hey- if chocolate can keep me happy- why would'nt it keep my baby happy??


Sophie - February 6

Hey, for the past 1/2 hour, I've been trying to stomach my steamed broccoli .. nothing couldn't keep my stomach down but some nice oven-baked warm chocolate chip cookies ... moderation is the key. If you're eating chocolate, make sure you're also eating other healthy foods MOST of the time.


Aubrey - February 23

I totally ate so much choclate while I was pregnant with my daughter! I just could not stop those cravings for it! And now I have the happiest baby girl ever and everyone always tells me that they have never seen such a happy baby. And she hardly ever cries. Her brother......forget it! I did not eat choclate with him so there has got be something about Choclate!



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