Cholesterol During Pregnancy

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CamysMama - June 6

I've been eating eggs every day to boost my protein intake, but now I've read that high cholesterol during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes. Does anyone know how many eggs (or how much cholesterol) it's safe to eat per day?


flower.momma - June 7

I've heard that one a day is fine. But I ate a lot more through my first pregnancy, because meat made me feel sick, and I had no troubles.


CamysMama - June 8

Hi Flower.momma! I'm having the same issues with meat... so I've been eating a lot of eggs (2, sometimes 4 a day). This week I decided to start eating plain oatmeal with raisins for breakfast instead of eggs, if I cook it with milk and have a piece of whole-wheat toast and a small gla__s of milk, I still get enough protein. I'm hoping if I alternate the oatmeal with the eggs, they will balance each other out, since oatmeal is supposed to help reduce cholesterol. It is really driving me crazy trying to fulfill all these daily requirements without eating things from that ever-growing list of foods to avoid. Once in a while I break down and have something sweet, or eat something that's not whole-grains, but you know we're only human, right? I'm almost looking forward to that dang glucose test, just so I'll finally know whether or not I have gb.


CaliTrish - June 12

Hi CamysMama, I've never heard of cholesterol leading to GD, and I have GD. The dietician didn't warn me about it either. In fact, with GD, protein (meat, eggs, shellfish, cheese) is better for you than starch (sugar). One whole egg or two egg whites are equal to one serving of protein. You're suppose to have 6-9 servings of protein a day. If you're really worried about cholesterol, stick to egg whites, fish, & lean meat. Also, be sure you balance your starch intake with protein - oatmeal, raisins, toast, & milk are all carbs. If you're not up to having meat with breakfast, try a tablespoon of natural peanut b___ter on your toast.


CamysMama - June 13

Hi CaliTrish, thanks again for your good tips! I'm going to add peanut b___ter to my toast, it sounds like that will help with my protein intake. Thank you! :o)



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