Cholesterol Higher In Pregnancy

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np - June 10

I took a cholesterol test today, the research section of our clinic needed some volunteers so our dept all did it. Mine was 278! I have never had it checked before so dont know what my prep-preg number is. I am going to talk to my doctor about it, but I was just wondering if anyone else had really high cholesterol while pregnant. Researching the internet I found articles that say it is higher in pregnancy because of hormones and the way it is used. But that number just seems really high to me.


sara - June 13

my dr told me that he would not even check my cholesterol level until after i had my baby. he said that the readings are so off during pregnancy that a test would not even be accurate


melody - June 17

I have been taking cholesterol pills to lower it (Pravachol 80mg). I am planning on getting pregnant very soon (thats if i am not already) Can it harm a baby. Is there other pills that can help. I have been taking folic acid pills for about 5 weeks now, and also garlic bacause someone tild me it can help lower my cholesterol. I dont really want a sick baby please help me. I am a little imberrased to ask someone.


gretchen - June 22

I'm pregnang and I had mine taken for insurance reasons and my cholesterol was about 270.


sandy - July 5

I just had mine taken for insurance purposes as well and was stunned when they told me it was 292. I'm happy to hear that this is not something to panic about.


zeldabele - July 11

Thanks you so much, I knew I would feel better if I logged on. I too am pregnant (28wks) and got my HIGH cholesterol results back from the insurance company. I was floored, I've never had it be high before, so 280 shocked me. The replies I read certainly allowed me to calm down and now I can sleep tonight, thanks


miranda - July 11

I have read before that a pregnant woman need not worry about cholesterol. I don't think you have anything to worry about, pregnancy hormones can throw lots of things off.


Davie - July 19

I had my insurance exam and my cholesterol was 287! Finding all of you makes me feel better, but I am going to talk to my doctor this week at my 28 week visit.


Juliet Funt - August 17

Thanks for all of the comeraderie. I just got back a 296 cholesterol test and almost freaked. Good to know it is just another weird preggo thing.


D H - August 31

Thank goodness for these bulletin boards. Last time mine was checked 2 yrs ago I was at 148. I am about 34 weeks pregnant and the test came back yesterday at 329!!!! I was sure that it was wrong or contaminated. I don't eat red meat and pre-pregnancy was in excellent shape. Weight gain has been 25 lbs so far (this is baby #3). I was told not to worry about it too much and to come back a few months after baby is born to check it again.



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