CONSTANTLY Hungry And Nauseas

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sandi - November 2

i ate tomatoes and drank tomato juice. Helped the nausea and sickness. I snacked a lot rather than eat big meals (which I threw back up). Was better to eat small meals often.


Huda - November 8

I'm 10 weeks pregnant right now, and I feel hungry often and while I am I feel sick. The only way to help myself feel better is by eating something. I believe it's normal since the baby is really getting formed at this stage. I tend to have snacks around me all the time, like crackers, a slice of toast with cheese, juice, fruits..etc. You know healthy stuff. Don't worry it's normal!


Gemma - November 9

I'm really glad I found this page! It's put my mind at rest that this is normal! I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and like you guys I just feel starving hungry all the time, but the sick feeling has zapped my tastebuds so there is nothing I want to eat! I'm not sure I can handle this for the next 10 weeks or more so I hope someone has got some remedies!!


Mindi - November 10

I am almost 8 wks. and I too am hungy and sick at the same time. I am so hungry I eat, then my stomach starts turning and I get sick. I have only been able to keep down Healthy Mom Ensure and Pizza Hut Pizza....isn't that horrible? I can't wait until this ends.


Bridget - December 2

Yes, I felt the exact same way until about 12-14 weeks. I would eat cream of wheat in the moring with fresh or canned peaches in it, it was all that I could stand. I used to eat eggs every morning and now the smell of them cooking smelled like burnt hair, eeewwww. I also ate a lot of pasta for lunch (tortellini, ravioli,etc, for the cheese in it), a frozen brand called "Amy's" (it doesn't have a lot of hydrogenated fats or salts or sugars in it)and it was easy to bring to work and nuke it. Also, I eat a lot of nuts, the protein is good for you. If you like sardines on crackers, they are a good lunch but it might be a bit early on in the pregnancy for them, if you are nauseous a lot.Cottage cheese (with canned/fresh fruit or cut up tomato or avocado if you like it and string cheese is good. Drink a lot of water, breathe deeply and avoid sugar as much as you can, esp soda.Hope this helps.


s - December 2

Try nuts. I take them with me everywhere. They really help.


mandee25 - March 26

Yes Yes and Yes!!! lol I am also constantly hungry and if I don't eat I get nauseas so it is totally normal and I am sure many pregnant women have that symptom. I am 6w 2d.


mandee25 - April 11

I am now 8w 3d pregnant and am still nauseas most of the time and very hungry.


Irene - April 20

I'm so glad that I found this page. I have been starving for the last 3 days and thought there was something wrong with me. Thanks for making me feel normal! I try drinking lots of water and it helps at times.


mkc - May 5

Does anyone know what the EARLIEST in your pregnancy is that you can have this symptom? How soon after conception? Thanks!


sandra-c - May 6

It usually starts around 5 weeks. I feel too sick to eat but I know that if I need to. The nausea NEVER goes away whether I eat or not. I am 9 weeks pg. Everyone keeps telling me this will go away around 12 weeks. i hope so. I have gone off every food I love. The only thing I seem to enjoy at the moment is fruit smoothies. I have lost 7 pounds just cos I am being sick or not eating at all.


prettyirishgurl - May 6

everytime i eat i belch too much and i have bad gas and hungry all the time its like i cant get enough!!!!


shesdymed - May 8

yea im nautious from time to time. but im VERYY hungry ALL THE TIME. i can b completely stuffed and full and an hour later or 2 hours later im starvin, i get soo hungry that i think like man,, maybe its just all in my mind.. lol [email protected] if u wana talk


shesdymed - May 8

well i've been preg for only about 2 to 3 weeks now and i felt it around 1 week and a half after i got preg


very_cherry - May 18

hi, i have been having the same feelings for the past 4 days now . where i can' t eat ehough. I am always hungrey and then i feel nausious. and then hungrey again 10 mins after i have jsut finished eating. the only thing is , is that i just took a pregnancy test about 20 mins ago and it came back negative. so i don't know if i am pregnant or not. this is so confusing!!


Mingill - May 19

I had a similar problem, I spoke with my doctor about it and she suggested I eat several small meals throughout the day and to stay away from sugars and carbohydrates. If you do eat carbs, always have them with protein.



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