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Dragana - August 31

I am pregnant for a mounth, and now I'm expiriencing constipation. What should I do, since I'm trying to eat food that are good for constipation and it does't has any help (cereal food, fruit and vegetables).


Theresa - June 23

I would give my dr a call to see what is available to take that is safe for use in pregnancy. How long has it been going on? I had constipation problems after the delivery of my 2nd and lived on prunes and raisins for a week. Maybe you should try those, they both have really high fiber contents.


Shelly - June 23

Have you tried prunes or prune juice? I ate prunes 2 times a day and it really helped me. Plums and other fresh fruit didn't do a thing.


Dragana - June 24

Thank you for the advices! I've just thouth to try prunes. Well, it hasn't been going on for so long, but it seems to become a constant problem over again. Anyway I'll try with prunes and raisins and we'll see how it's going!


Ivonne - June 29

I also had that problem and i do this theres a prune juice that i drink sometimes in the morning, two gla__ses of water before breakfast and walk, one banana everyday after eating is better, try one of these and check which is better for you.


Rowena - August 31

I tried a prune and apple yougurt and it worked a treat!!! good luck


Sarah - September 21

Glad you asked! Constipation can be from amny things, but here's what I found the main real causes are: 1. Not enough water. If you don't drink enough the body starts to take it from other places, which can cause constipation. Drink at least 2 cups every 3 hours for a day and see what happens. Whe I was pregnant, I was drinking close to 5 litres and day and more in the summer. When I cut back, constipation. 2. not enough calcium - can also cause leg cramps. You need to be taking in at least 1,500 mg of calcium a day, with a 2:1 ratio of calium to magnesium (1,500 calic_m: 750 magnesium), and some vit d, or sunshine everyday for absorption. The magnesium is essential for proper use of the calcium and prevention of constipation. Calic_m citrate or calium chelate is best - calic_m carbonate is very hard to digest. 3. Too much iron. Sometimes the prenatal vitamins have very high doses of iron (more than 60 mg). Check the label and switch brands if necessary. Hope this helps and good luck!


Alexis - October 21

Look for over the counter prenatal vitamins w/ fiber. If you don't find any, ask your doctor to prescribe them to you.


E - October 22

Limit bananas as they can make constipation worse.


Audrey - November 11

I found out about the bananas the hard way, and it's a shame because I like bananas too! After three weeks my constipation is finally under control, because I've been drinking more water and supplementing my diet with bran and Metamucil.


Yo - November 12

I go from constipation to the runs, is that normal?


Audrey - November 12

Going from constipation to the runs can happen if you add too much fiber to your diet too quickly. Plus all the work your body has to do to maintain the pregnancy can cause things to go haywire from time to time.


dana - November 20

there is a safe medicine you can take called collace... it's kind of expensive but it works...good luck


sanam - January 8

I had the same problem, try drinking a gla__s of hot milk. It always works for me. good luck


lala - February 8

im 7 weeks pregnant and taking prenate elite vitamin .my prob is i poop and the color of my poop is this dangerous id never had color like thus until i juz now..could u tell me what is cause?


Jenny L - February 10

Ask your doctor for a prescription pre-natal vitamin by Citrical Rx. It is safe and has a mild stool softener already in it, since constipation seems to be a common problem for prego women.


Sonja Ellingson - June 15

Talk to your doctor and see if you can take a magnieseum supplement. There may not be enough in your pre natal .



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