Cottage Cheese

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sara - November 10

I love cheese! I'm okay with avoiding fetta and blue cheese.... but is cottage cheese okay?


JS - November 10

I just went to the doctor for a check-up yesterday (10 weeks) and we went through all the no-no foods and the only 2 cheeses were bleu and feta. I have also read info that said that cottage cheese is okay.


Lisa - November 10

Definetely! Eat up! It's loaded in calcium and if you get the low fat or Fat free kind you dont have to worry about that either!


MELISSA - November 10

Good!!! Cottage cheese is my #1 craving!!!


Lisa - November 11

Mine too! Love it...I also mix with it bran and some berries and what a great snack and so healthy for you. I sit there with a big bowl eating that watching TV..better than chips!


Amy - November 16

Cottage cheese is my favorite. I hate it when I am not pregnant but can't get enough when I am. I miss my feta! ;)


kr - November 16

I'm into cottage cheese also.The only warning I got from my doctor was that it has more salt than a person might expect.


Amy - November 16

KR - oh you are so right. It has tons.. A 1./2 cup cottage cheese has 400 - 600mg of sodium. I think there is reduced sodium cottage cheese but I have never looked for it. I also think low-fat has a slightly less than regular cottage cheese. I don't eat that much salt to begin with.. and don't have an issue with water retention.. and sometimes I just find myself craving salt and cottage cheese seems like a better alternative than those potatoe chips that I really want all the time! ;)


kathryn - November 16

I can't get enough cottage cheese either. I liked it before I got pregnant, now I buy it 4-5 at a time. I really love the kind with chives! Num Num!


FETA - November 23

You can eat Feta cheese as long as it is made from pasturized milk, usually the european cheeses are not made with pasturized milk but most that are from canada or us are made from pasturized. I have checked this with my doctor, and healthy babies nurse and 2 nutritionists. I still eat it and have had no negative effects.



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