Cream Cheese

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machelle - June 7

This is my favorite thing to put on a bagel every morning. Does anyone know if this is good or bad to eat? I have read on this site not to eat soft cheese and I am unsure if cream cheese is a soft cheese?


Alison - June 7

I have read that soft cheeses : feta goat cheese, brie, camembert are not good but I have read that cream cheese is ok (which confused me) but maybe they don't cla__s it as a "soft cheese"? Not sure I would look online under pregnancy safe foods or something to be on the safe side. All the best!


KellyB - June 7

As far as my doctors and midwife said Cream cheese was fine. I have been having cream cheese on my bagel everyday since I found out i was prego and my baby is fine! As long as the cream cheese is pasturized, you are fine.


dani - June 7

cream cheese is fine on your bagels. as long if it's pasteurized....usually all cream cheese at the store is pasteurized anyway.


jessica - June 10

Just make sure it is pasteurized I love cream cheese bagels too! you should try the vegetable cream cheese!


Lynn - June 24

I shop at several different grocery stores/farmers markets including the Amish. Never have I had anyone warn me that the cheese/milk/fresh eggs that I just bought weren't pasteurized..including the Amish who don't pasteurize anything. Many soft cheeses are imported -especially if they are actually worth eating. If you are someone who enjoys fine cheeses most of the time the brands you buy will be imported and WON'T be pasteurized. Cream cheese is o.k. to eat though. It's understandable that you would get confused about the soft cheese thing Machelle.


To Machelle - June 25

I meant to Machelle, sorry.....


Judith - July 12

CHeck this site.


S - July 14

I know what they say about soft cheese kinds. But cream cheese is one of few pasteurized,so nothing to worry about. I admit I ate some brie too....melted in microwave which could have been a bit risky,but everything is fine. Guess microwaving can kill potentionally harmful germs.



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