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Raz - July 19

what if you cry for 6hour and your 4months pregnant what anything wrong happen


Maureen - April 30

I think probably not, the Fetus is well protected. But it dosn't help the situation of you are feeling down or depressed.


chrissy - May 26

I find myself crying a lot. I think if you are down and under the weather, you may need to make sure you are not depressed. It's not good for the baby if you are depressed, but if it's for a movie or things like that, I wouldn't worry:)


AC - June 23

There have been many studies regarding the effects of mother's moods and baby in the womb. They recommend the mother not stress herself, avoid feeling depressed, etc, as it affects the baby's wiring of the brain when developing in the womb. The experience in the womb can mark a baby tremendously. Notwithstanding, a cry from time to time for something minor will not affect it. The problem is when depression, stress or sadness are the mother's constant feelings and mood.


Laura - July 19

Hey there, your hormones are going crazy right now and it is definately sugguested that you try not to let yourself be stressed or depressed, because it is not good for you or your baby. try to do something instead of sitting there crying, go for a long walk, spend some time with your friends, or boyfriend/husband. i am just over 1 month pregnant and i find myself crying alot too, but i do other things once i find myself in a sad mood. not only do you need to be happy for youself but your baby is depending on YOU. your pregnant....this is such a wonderful thing :) enjoy it take care


liz - December 8

it really depends on the situation because i myself cry everyday at night and but it can be harmful because what you feel the baby feels. if you tend to be stressed everyday,sad,peaople making you mad, being angry all the time things like that well you tend to cry right? and that hurts the baby because like I said what you feel the baby feels. I'm 5 months pregnant and i cry a lot and I can't help it and that is hurting my baby. So don't cry.



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