Depressed About The Weight

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Linsey - March 7

Hi i know your supose to gain abit of weight while being pregnant..but me ive gone over the top.. to the stage where im just feeling really down in the dumps, before i was pregnant i wasnt over weight but i wasnt skinny either i still had abit of chunk now im pregnant ive seen rapid weight gain on my arms, my face my legs and ass..i even have strech marks on my thighs and im really down about it..ive just let myself go so much and i just wish i would of ate more sensible foods instead of junk food.. also because ive put all this weight on will it make my baby be bigger then usual? thats just what ive heard so im also worried about that.. i do know it causes obeast in later just so worried! my bump isnt even hard like it used to be anymore, im going to struggle getting rid of it all after shes born and im gonna be depressed again im 35weeks pregnant if i start eating healthy again and cut out all the junk food will everything go fine?...sorry for the long post i just needed to get all this of my chest..


naomi - March 7

I understand how you are feeling. The same thing happend to me durring my first pregnancy, And i am not going to let it get me this time. It took 7 years to get it off. Eating good foods is hard, I recomend that you purchace or borrow books about healthy eating, I am reading ( what to eat when you are expecting ) and it is great. Although I am only in my first trimester I am confident that I can follow the eating plan. Doctor phill has great advice as well. I live in Australia and purchaced his book with out knowing about him, and the diet help me lose lots of weight. The more you put on now the harder it will be to takeeit off after, you can do it.When you go to eat think would I feed this to my 6 month old baby, if the answer is no, don,t eat it.Your baby relies on you for all of its vitamins , so if your are eatting foods that have little goodness then you are not providing the best for your baby It is hard to go change your diet. The idea is not to go hungry, full up on good foods and you will not need to eat rubbish. Hope this helps a bit. There ids no point being upset about it, just take control and you will feel and look great


charlotte - March 7

Hi Linsey, I agree with Naomi, Read and learn about what you should be eating and give it ago. I know you only have a few weeks but starting now will help you lose it after. Good luck and congratulations


Linsey - March 8

Hi girls thanks for your input its been a great help and i will look for the books on healthy eating and hopefully feel alot better about myself..thanks again x



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