Diabetes And Very Worried

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stacey - September 22

I have been told so many things about the side effects of having gestional diabetes is it true that it can cause still born


to stacey - September 24

Usually, it will cause an unusually large baby. (The babies you see on the news that are 13 lbs + are usually a result of Gestational Diabetes) It can cause a still born, but in somewhat rare occurances, and in instances where it was not diagnosed early enough, or it was not properly controlled. If you have been diagnosed with GD, please follow your doc's advice on diet, fluid intake, and exercise. If you haven't been diagnosed yet, and are just worried about it, you should have what is called a 1 hour glucose tolerance test around 16-20 weeks. (about the same time as your AFP test) If this comes back abnormal, it doesn't mean that you have GD. You have to take a second test, a 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test, to prove that you have GD. GD is easily controlled with careful diet and exercise programs. make sure you talk to your doc about any concerns you have!!!


tamara - December 14

i had that with my daughter and was put on a diet witch was very hard. i ended up not drinking any soda or eatting sweets. and she was 6lbs and healthy


Tess - December 15

side effects of having gd would be....your baby is big when he/she is born 8 lbs + plus if you plan of having more baby you'll have gd for the rest of your pregnancy (again)


Stacey_E - January 4

I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I have three appointments tomorrow with dieticians to discuss diet and to go over checking my blood for sugar levels. I have to check my blood 2 hours after I eat a meal and I have to record the results. I then have to see a doctor after a week of doing this to determine if the diet change is helping or if I need insulin. I am worried about this, as I never had to do this with my first child though that was in 1990. He was 9 1/2 pounds. My second child born in 1993 was 9 pounds. I do not want to have another big baby because the labor with my first child was painful and intense. I will do what I have to do to control the sugar.


Lynn - January 5

I had GD and it wasn't that bad. Easily controlled through the right diet and exercise. My daughter was 8 lbs 2.5 ounces at birth. It doesn't not mean that you will have it with every pregnancy, it is caused by the growth hormones from the placenta. It can cause a still born baby, but in really rare cases of uncontrolled diabetes. Still born is more frequent in women who have type one diabetes.


kristenk0329 - January 22

I was also just diagnosed with diabetes and I am only 8 weeks. The doctor said I probably was borderline before getting pregnant. My doctors office iis providing alot of education for me. Lots of visits to the nutritionist and a diabetes specialist. I heard all the horror stories but you have to remember, the horror stories are the worst possible scenarios for a woman who chooses not to take care of herself. Diabetes is one of the most managable diseases in america. My doc put me on a diet which isnt too different from my usual meals, just less carbs and no sugar. I test my sugar 5 times a day. Its only been a few days and my sugar is already under control. The one thing I find difficult is you have to eat small meals 6 times a day. I thought it would be easy but its a bit nervewracking, sticking to a schedule so strictly. But you know what, its paying off so far. Ive lost 6 pounds, which again is normal when changing diet, and my sugar is on average in the 90s. My doctors goal is to not exceed 120 or insulin may be needed. I do some walking daily and drink lots of water. Its amazing how even a ten minute walk each day helps so much. So try not to worry, there is plenty of helpful books and sites out there to help you. I found the American Diabetic a__soc. pamphlet on food exchanges to be the best. You can still eat what you like, just have to make some changes. If you know you want to eat a pb&j sandwich today, pick up some s/f jam and some wheat bread. It all works out. :P



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