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Gabriela32 - May 24

I know someone that eats dirt during her pregnancy because she says it tastes good to her right now . How does that hurt the baby..?


maren - May 24

It hurts her more than the baby it can settle in her stomach, or clog her intestines it can cause infections. Is she still eatting regualar food as well? if not she is hurting both her and her baby. When she does not give the baby the nutrients it needs then the baby takes it from her.


christineg - May 24

I don't remember the name they have for cravings like that, but it's a sign of a vitamin deficiency and it can be bad for her and the baby. She needs to tell her OB about her craving so he can help her fix the underlying problem.


CamysMama - May 25

This type of craving is called "pica." Sometimes during pregnancy women will crave things like dirt, laundry detergent, paint chips, and coffee grounds. No one knows for sure why this happens for some women, but Christine is right, it has been linked to vitamin deficiencies, mainly an iron deficiency. Ask your friend if she might be anemic? If so, she definitely needs to take an iron supplement along with her prenatal vits. Hope this helps!


flower.momma - May 28

Uh-oh, she has pica. I got it in my last pregnancy and kept wanting to eat dry cement mix and comet (never actually ate either one). I was also constantly chewing ice, which is a sign. I knew it was crazy so I went to my midwife and she prescribed extra iron to me. I was eating healthy, so I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, but the supplement helped. I gave birth to a healthy, huge baby and the weird cravings stopped. Tell your friend to get her b___t to the doctor.


venus_in_scorpio - May 29

wow thats crazy ive never heard of that before. good to know.


jrcreations - May 30

holy cow, that's something I fear, *shivers and makes a mental note to include iron in diet*


slowpoke01 - July 27

my sister craved dirt when she was pregnant the doctor told her not to worry and gave her some different vitamins..only she craved dirt and cigarrette b___ts..lol..just tell her to go to the doctor



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