Do Big Moms Equal Big Babies

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Michelle - February 2

Hi. I'm thinking about becoming pregnant but I'm very overweight. I spoke to my OB and they recommended against it so I will hold off till I lose some weight (hopefully)... but they said that one of the problems with overweight moms is that they tend to have bigger babies. So I'm wondering why is that so? What if you eat a perfect diet and work out (as much as is allowed durring pregnancy).. are you still going to have a bigger baby than normal??


Jo - March 2

See a different doctor. How overweight are we talking? I know ladies who are conceiving at 300 + and their doctors are supportive as long as there isn't a large amount of weigh gain during the pregnancy. That is silly for them to say big women have big babies. It isn't true. Get a fat friendly doctor.


Phoebe - March 2

Did they give you any significant reasons for not getting pregnant because you are overweight? That's so stupid if it's just because of a bit baby. You can be small and have a big baby... it just all depends on how much weight you gain during your pregnancy and what you eat. Like Jo suggested, I would try a different doctor.


naomi - March 2

big women have small babies too.. If you follow a good eating plan where your baby gets all the nutrition it needs your baby should be fine. Some over weight women have a higher chance of having Gestational diabetes If it is not controled the baby can be too large. Also larger women often have more problems during birth.A great book to read about what to eat when pregnant is " What to eat when you are expecting" And " what to expect when you are expecting.There is No time like the present to show your doctor that you are keen and willing to do what it takes to be healthy for your future baby. I hope it all goes well for you.


Jenny L - March 3

It is true that overweight women tend to have more complications during pregnancy than someone who is normal weight. I am in the same boat and am gestational diabetic along with other issues. I am considered high risk and am seeing a Nutritionist as well as an Endocrinologist along with my, that's alot of time to be taking off from work. If you are gestational diabetic and do not monitor what goes in your mouth, your baby will grow excessively large. There have been articles in the past month or so of women giving birth to 16-22 lb. babies because they did not control their diabetes. The other issue is that the baby will start utilizing his/her own pancreas to make insulin (which you don't want) and when he/she is born, his/her body will not know how to stop making insulin, which is why he will probably go "down" when he/she is born and will probably have to stay in the hospital longer for observation/treatment.


Deb - March 31

I am 212 now at 14 weeks was 219 when I found out I was pregnant. I haven't been sick or anything just don't want to eat as much not. Still eating plenty as far as Doc is concerned. And according to U/S baby is at healthy size as of 12 wk 4 days. Your doc may be just watching out for you due to the problems you could have with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes but that is no reason for you not to have a baby. You will just have to be careful and watch your weight during pregnancy. If you do get pregnant they suggest that we not gain more than 20 to 25 lbs thru whole pregnancy. If you eat healthy you can probably stay in that range or close to it. I'm with Jo and Phoebe, I think your doc may be a doc that isn't fat friendly and you may want to find a knew doc unless there were other issues to the doc's reasoning.


ee - April 1

My SIL was over 300 lbs when she got pregnant with my nephew, and she did just fine...she had dr. appointments almost weekly and got tons of ultrasounds(lucky her!!) to make sure everything was okay because obese women are considered high risk pregnancies...but as far as having a big baby, he was 8 lbs 11 oz, which isn't that big considering huge babies(like 12 lbs!!) run in her side of the family. Also I have a friend that is on her 4th baby and all of them have been right around 6 lbs, full term, completely healthy, and she is also over 300 lbs. I also know a girl who was 115 lbs at 40 weeks and had a 10 lb baby....weight has nothing to do with it!! I'd get a new dr. that is more supportive of you for sure.


Natalie - July 18

Hi there. I dont think this is true that bigger women have bigger babies. A lot of over weight people i know have all had 6 pounders etc. Where as i,who was 18 when i had my first(she was 11lb 3oz) was 5'8 and 14 stones just before i gave birth. My second,a boy was 10lb 11oz when i was 20. I shouldnt worry bout your weight if you intend to eat healthy when u are pregnant. Good luck anyway x x


lynnstress - July 20

I started my pregnancy overweight. I'm now 19 weeks. I'm also 38 years old, and it's my first pregnancy. I haven't had any complications. I haven't even had any morning sickness! I do a yoga for pregnancy workout dvd 3 times per week. I go next week for my level 2 ultrasound. Other than my "advanced maternal age," no one has said anything about other problems or complications, and I'm almost half-way through this pregnancy! Good luck to all!


? - July 31

how is having an 11lb baby healthy for anyone??


some people - July 31

to ? - get outta here. who the hell said anything about an 11 lb baby? women on this thread don;t need another negative nellie like you.


Trisha - August 5

That is crazy. I'm very pet_te and my son weighed in at 10 pounds 13 ounces. I weighed 120 when I got pregnant with him and when I had him I weighed in at 182. I'm now pregnant with my second son and I'm kind of nervous about having a even bigger baby. See a different doctor. Nobody should tell you not to get pregnant.


Mrsmicholson - August 8

I was 300 lbs when I had my first he was 10 lbs 3 oz, and I gained 28 pounds. My second one i was about 320 and gained 60 pounds he was 9 pounds 8 oz, my third child i weighed 220 lbs and gained 60 lbs and she was only 6 pounds 8 ounces. Not every pregnancy is the same everyone is different. I am now 14 weeks, i weigh 270 I have only gained 4 pounds and I am really trying not to gain another 60 with this one... Good Luck I hope this helps... I just look at it as I tend to have big boys, but my daughter was a tiny little thing!


Lisa - September 26

I weighed 238 starting weight with my first and 271 when I delievered, my daughter was 6 lbs. 7oz. and I was in labor for 3 1/2 hours.


Dianne Nolan - November 4

my first child was 9lbs12 my second child was 11lbs, 3 weeks early at this time i have 11 weeks to go and my baby is weighing jusy over 9lbs. do you think that is natural. this is my last just talked my husband into getting the chop.


jane - December 2

hi all my first baby was 2lb 10z second baby was 7lbs 4oz ime on my 3rd now and they say hes estimated at 10lbs when i have him ime so scared did you have v____al delivery with these big babies i dont know how ime ganna manage this ive 11 days left to go ime 5ft 3 and medium build how did it go for you lot


Tell the Truth - December 5

Who are you people trying to kid? It is a medical FACT that carrying a child when seriously overweight or obese is not only unhealthy for the mother but, more importantly, the baby. All of you seeking to spread the message that it's quite normal and no problem are dillusional and in denial (big bones, genitics, etc), you are just trying to make up excuses in an attempt to justify your own complete lack of self control. Try to think about what is best for the child that you are bringing into the world and not your own, I want, I deserve, me, me me instincts....Oh, and by the way, just because someone is within the medically acknowledged healthy weight range for the age/height it does not make them skinny.



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