Do NOT Take Iron Supplements

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Renee - October 30

I know this site advises you to take iron supplements but PLEASE DO NOT listen to them. Like this site says, your baby can get iron from your body even if you yourself have low levels of iron. But taking iron additional can cause miscarriage or birth defects. If you are suffering from anemia, this means that your body is trying to prevent a bacterial infection. This is because bacteria need iron to live. When you get a bacterial infection, your body takes iron out of your blood and puts it in your liver to try to "starve" the bacterium. Your baby will still be able to get enough iron, but if you take iron supplements this will enable the bacteria to infect both you, and more importantly, you baby- during the first trimester especially the baby is incredibly vulnerable to bacterial infection because the organs are developing, and if the cells get infected at all you could very easily miscarry.


? - October 30

And what about the iron provided in pre-natals? Your body does need extra iron when you are pregnant.


Renee - October 30

There's a lot of debate about whether or not you should even TAKE pre-natals- the best bet is just to eat the foods your body tells you. That's because we really don't know enough about it. For instance, pre-natals also contain vitamin A, but too much vitamin A can also cause birth defects. So if you crave carrots, then eat carrots, but the problem with the pre-natal is that it's not balanced to what you've already been eating. Yes, you use more iron, but supplementing iron can increase your miscarriage risk, and again, the fetus doesn't need that much iron until 21 weeks or so- so if you want to take the supplements around then if you do at all. During the 1st trimester the fetus is incredibly vulnerable to bacterial infection, doesn't need very much iron, and what it needs it can certainly get from your regular diet. A 1st trimester fetus is also really vulnerable to toxins, which is why women who suffer from morning sickness in their first trimester miscarry less than women who do not- because the nausea occurs in response to foods that could contain damaging toxins. The first trimester is a delicate time.


? - October 30

Then why do the OBGYN's put you on a pre-natal as soon as you are pregnant?


Yas - November 1

Hi ? -- My doctor put me on pre-natals as soon as he knew my husband and I were seriously trying to have a baby. This was a precaution: If I got pregnant, then the embryo would have needed extra nutrients to develop normally. For example, the folic acid is most important during the first weeks of life as the spinal cord is forming, and many women don't know that they are pregnant until a few months and jeopardize their babies! Anyway, now that I have started my 2nd trimester, my OB has urged that I switch to pre-natals with iron. For my 1st trimester, I was taking a pre-natal without iron (GNC brand). I too, told her about what I read on this website, and she educated me with new facts: In the 2nd trimester, if you don't have enough iron, then that means that your baby is not getting enough. How can you supply your baby when you don't have enough? Makes sense to me. Also, you are producing a lot more blood, and the placenta needs to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the growing fetus. Iron helps to transport blood and iron to your growing fetus via the placenta. Finally, the iron in the pre-natals is adequate. You don't want to develop anemia and then have to take those dreaded iron supplements -- now that would be unpleasant. If you're in your 2nd trimester, I urge you to speak to your OB -- don't take all info your read on the Internet as a fact. It's VERY hard to get enough iron through diet alone, and the pre-natals with iron will be a wise safeguard. My best to you and your growing family. :)


? - November 1

I agree with your post Yas... My question was directed towards Renee as to then why would your OB's receommend you to take something you don't need; it does not make sense. You need all those extra nutrients in your body for yourself and your baby. I completely agree with you; not Renee. I would rather listen to my doctor with a diploma on their wall about my baby then some person on an internet website. I take my prenatals everyday and have since I found out I was pregnant; I'm not taking any chances with my health or the health of my baby. Cheers to you! :)


To Renee - November 2

While I appreciate your concern, you have some things a little skewed. I became anemic because I was not getting enough iron, not because I had a bacterial infection. I had to take the suppliments. The worst side effects were green poo and contipation. I delivered a healthy 8 1/2 pound baby. Iron is essential for making hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to other cells. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in your body expands until you have almost 50 percent more than usual. And you need more iron to make more hemoglobin for all that additional blood. You also need extra iron for your growing baby and placenta. Vitamin A CAN cause birth defects but only the synthetic kind. The kind found in food does not.


TO RENEE - January 13



anita - January 13

my doc prescribed me iron supplements so i take them. people are not ony anemic b/c of bacterial infections, i've been anemic since i was a young mother is aunts etc. please don't scare women like this b/c you don't know everyone's situation. some people NEED supplements (more than whats in a reg. prenatal vitamin). when i don't get enough iron, i can't breath, i get tired, and i get light-headed to the point where i almost pa__s out. i am now 31wks w/ a healty baby girl and i've been taking iron supplements as well as my prenatal vitamins since 11wks (prescribed) fact, my dr just INCREASED my doseage 4 wks ago.


treysmami4eva - October 7

well there may be some truth in Renee's warning...i def. sure wish i saw this before going on to additional iron supplements which were prescribed to me by my doctor! i was already taking my prenatal vitamins with iron in them so i was kind of hesitant about taking even more iron the first day i only took my iron pill the next day i took both my prenatal and iron and boom! landed in the hospital the next day the day before my wedding!...i miscarried at 16 weeks...coincidence?...maybe...maybe not but thats the last time i take extra iron pills...i'm still awaiting the verdict of the autopsy so if it is the iron pills i'll be sure to let yall know .... RIP trey (my 1rst child) i'm gonna miss you!...always love~Mommy


Jjones3171 - February 19

I actually agree with Renee because I was taking prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant and when I reached 12 weeks the dr prescribed me iron pills I started takin them with my prenatal and less than a week later I miscarried. They told me it was a chromosomal problem but I still don't believe that because If it was than I would have miscarried before 8 weeks . But even before I was 3 months the dr told me if anything happens just know it wasn't meant to be.. I didn't pay much attention to him saying that to me until now


Janeth.Siemer - March 16

It is best to just eat food that contains iron like spinach, lima beans and legumes.


indiangeek1991 - September 13

This is seriously the most ignorant post ive read. I have been anaemic my whole life. I don't have an infection. Where will your baby get iron if you don't have it in your body? Being anaemic can cause severe complications and result in an unhealthy baby. If your doctor says your iron levels are low, take the doctor's advice on how much iron to take so you stay healthy and so does your baby.


Ljj071416 - June 17

Did you ever get a result treysmami4eva



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