Doctor Putting Me On A Diet While 8 Months Pregnant

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PowerliftingMom2b - October 13

I guess I should start off with a little background information. Before I became pregnant I was 170 lbs at 18% bodyfat. Im only 5'5" so I am very muscular. I was competing as a national level powerlifter and training to enter the police academy, so I was in excellent shape. Normally I have a very clean diet. I eat 6 small meals a day consisting of a lean meat, a complex carb, and green veggies. However, once I became pregnant my eating got out of control. In the last 8 months I have put on 70 lbs!!! I know this is bad and I really should know better. (my boyfriend is even a compet_tive bodybuilder) I went to the doctor this past Friday for a regular check up. I have never seen this particular obgyn before. He said because I have gained so much weight I will have a very large baby, a painful pregnancy, and I will start to have lots of complications with my pregnancy. Then, he told me I needed to go back to how I was eating before I was pregnant so that I can start loosing fat now. I was a little confused by what he said because I have heard that it is bad to loose weight while pregnant? Is this true or is it different in my situation because I am so over weight? Also, I have had zero complications thus far in my pregnancy. Overall, besides the weight gain and my baby playing soccer with my bladder I would never even know I was pregnant. Am I really going to start having a ton of problems in my last month. Please help!


lunamoo - October 13

A few things to address here: gaining 70 pounds is a ma__sive weight gain, over double of what is considered a healthy weight gain! Now just because you gained so much has very little to do with the size of your baby, so this new doc is an idiot for saying so. But it is true with such a ma__sive weight gain come a lot of risk factors not to mention a horrible and unnatural strain on your body. You should not try to lose weight at this point in the game, its too late anyway, but you should REALLY eat very healthy. He said to return to your "pre-pregnancy diet" which a__sumes that now you have been eating completely different... is that true...?


PowerliftingMom2b - October 13

yes I've been eating really differently. Otherwise I wouldn't have gained weight. I know if I go back to how I ate before I will start to loose fat.


dmjdjw336 - October 13

I was told that I need to exercize more to help me with my pregnancy by my doctor. I am almost 8 months and have gained 40 lbs total. Apparently moving will help lessen the amount of complications. I think that what he may also mean is that you need to slow down the amount of eating you are doing. Writing a food journal will help. It will allow you to see how much you have been eating as well as what you have been eating for you body may be absorbing something more than it should which is what is putting the weight on. My problem was the milk I was drinking and now the starch that my body has been getting only because of my budget, the only cheap food are the starchy ones. Losing wieght is not the answer, for thats not good for you or the baby for he/she gets everything from you. Slowing the weight gain down is the best thing for right now the baby can get everything it needs from you now and you need it too. This way, instead of too much, work on trying to get the right amount. It should slow down the weight and reduce the complications if you watch what you are eating, how much you eat, and exercize by walking, moving around. Stuff like that. Hope this helps. PS I hate the doctors telling me that I have gained weight for I know that, they are only looking out for me and the baby. They are doing the same thing for you too. Its hard to change what you ahve been doing all pregnancy, trust me I know. But I am trying. I hope all turns out well for you and good luck.


lunamoo - October 14

Hi powerliftingmom, how has your diet changed? What have you eaten to gain the 70 lbs?


mary b - October 26

Lifting mom: what a jerk your doc is for saying that!!! Your labor will be fine and your baby will be too!!!! Maybe your body needed this fat because it lacked the fat pre-pregnancy! I gained 70 with my first too. I like worked out all the time, lifting and running mostly and when I got pregnant, just let my self eat whatever i wanted cause I had never done it before! At the time I was 140. Height 5'9''. Gained 70 and had a 8 lb 1 oz baby girl, no problems. I did however stop working out during my last pregnancy. I needed a break!!! I'm sure competing you know how that feels. I lost the weight with in 3 months. This time, i've kept it up. I still lift, run 2 miles 4 times a week and do yoga. With all this I have only gained 30 so far. I'm 30 weeks now. My doc never really blinked an eye at my weight gain with my first, she felt my body needed. It might be a good idea to eat well for the last weeks. Save your splurges for the weekends. On Saturdays, I eat whatever I want. Good luck to you.



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