Does Smoking Effect My Chance At Conception

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shopgrl01 - August 8

My question is does smoking effect conception? My husband and i have been trying to concieve since Oct. I have become pregnant once and M/C on my 8wk mark. Of course i quite smoking the minute i got a positive result at home which was a day before my period was do. But after my M/C i started smoking again. Now we have been trying since April which was one month after my M/C and we have had no luck. Of course i am working of quiting. Actually i am pretty much almost completly rid of the habbit except for occasionally. Any words of wisdom, does it effect my ability to concieve?


Sorry. - August 8

I am sorry i do not know that answer to that, but i am sure someone will answer you shortly.


to shopgrl01 - August 9

Yes. Smoking does contribute to low sperm count.


JS - August 10

Smoking contributes to low sperm count and can contribute to m/c and the ability of not conceiving. It does more then you think - congrats on cutting back and good luck on conceiving!!!


Gemma - September 21

Yes both male and female fertility is lowered by smoking.


K - September 21

Shopgrl01,sorry about your m/c. I had one back in Jan at 5 weeks. I was a smoker too but quit right away when I found out I was preg. Now I'm pregnant again at 15 weeks and I quit the day I found out. My husband still smokes but at least not around me or in the house! Have you tried taking pre natal vitamins? I tried this tea called "fertilitea". I'm not sure if it helped or not but I got pregnant after I started drinking it. The website's if you want to check it out. Best of luck :)


K - September 21

sorry it's


Marlene - September 23

I dont think smoking effects you when ttc-my mom was a heavy smoker when she got pregnant with all four of her kids.The only thing is it is a hard habit to kick so i would just stop now so when you get that bfp you dont have to stress about quiting.GOODLUCK


Jami - September 28

I agree with marlene.. my boyfriend is a heavy smoker and i smoked a couple cigarettes a day and we got pregnant the second month trying. but maybe it depends on the person. anyhow, im sorry about your m/c. i hope everythig goes well in the future :)


js - October 8

Not only does it reduce your chances, it INCREASES the chances of having an ectopic pregnany - nasty, nasty... I was a smoker, got pregnant and it was ectopic - dr said it was because of smoking. Little known fact... Now I am down to one side. My right tube ruptured and had to be removed. Quit now - you'll be better for it...



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