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mrsyouthlady - February 19

I am 19 weeks pregnant and have gained 7 pounds. I eat 5-7 times a day (when hunrgy and stop when satisfied). At my last appt., my dr said that I was "sc__pping the bottom of the barrel" and needed to gain weight. I told her about my eating habits and she said that I was eating too healthy and I needed to "eat cookies, french fries and ice cream". Those foods do not sound good to me. What do I do?


lqtoo - February 21

Well I definitely don't agree with your Dr's advice about eating unhealthy foods while pregnant. Cookies and frech fries don't contain a lot of nutritious ingredients, and I don't think they would benefit you or the baby. If you want to add some calories in a more healthy way, try adding fruit smoothies, or fruit juice to your diet. They are an easy way to increase calories in a healthy way without feeling too full.


looby lou - February 22

Ive never heard that before, personaly i wouldnt take much notice at all, if your eating healthy and a substantional amount that you and your baby need i dont see any point in eating that type of food your drs advised you. Good luck.


misschrissie - March 7

Your doctor is an idiot. Try doing what lqtoo says. Adding extra calories with healty items. Juice works wonders !!


MaryM - March 22

I agree. That is a weird thing for a Dr to say. You can always add healthier options. Cheese and Penut B___ter always does it (makes me gain weight)for me....and they are packed with protein that will give you energy. The bottom line is you can add extra calories without eating unhealthy foods.


carebear2 - April 11

If you are eating 5-7 times a day and getting your daily amount of fruit/veg then it wouldnt hurt to replace one of those with a more fatty snack as long as its not all the time. she probably does not want you to be so strict on yourself and i agree.


chickiepoo9 - April 20

i am 15 weeks and have only gained 3 pounds i was concerned but my doctor told me that baby is doing very well and growing normally so he is obviously getting everything he needs and she has had many patients who dant gain much weight and have big normal babies i wouldnt take what your doctor says seriously and would maybe think about switching to someone more knowledgable


angeev - May 21

I too have been concerned about my weight, 16w and have gained 5 pounds. But the doc says things are fine. Does anyone know if you were a tiny baby if you will likely have a tiny baby? I was under 6 pounds but my husband was like 9.


momma3tobe - May 26

I only gained 9lbs in the first 6 months of pregnancy, I was of normal weight when I started. My doctor said as long as I was eating healthy it didn't really matter. I am 28 wks and have gained 15lbs now. Don't stuff yourself, jut eat healthy and then don't worry.



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