Drank Heavy To Moderately First 8 Weeks

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Q - October 31

I am older (38) and became unexpectedly pregnant. I drink regularly, maybe 1 or 2 each weeknight and moderate to heavy Fri through Sunday. I stopped at 8 weeks when the nausea kicked in and I suspected the birth control may have failed. Anyone else drink this far into a pregnancy? Did you keep the baby?


Yes... - November 1

I did. I did not know either; there was nothing I could do at that point about the previous drinking episodes. I drank everyday as well and sometimes lots and parties and such. I never aborted my baby, I was 5 weeks along when I finally got a positive pregnancy test. I'm 22 weeks now and my baby is doing great in there and growing great, all parts; inside and out.


geri - November 1

I had one episode of binge drinking before i knew i was pregnant...i found out at 4 weeks...i was (am) pretty scared..my dr said not to worry...he said it really takes a lot of alcohol throughout pregnancy to really hurt the baby...i still drink occasionally (dr said that was fine)..about three gla__ses of wine a week (not a day) ..i am 36 weeks with my fourth and baby looks/sounds fine...please keep us updated on what happens and how the baby is...


Lisa - November 2

I still have a few gla__ses of red wine a week as well...


geri - November 2

remember..they did not even know about fas until 1973...i don't think all of the babies born in the 60's were all messed up ...


Ann - December 1

I am soooo glad I found your question! I have the EXACT same deal. I am 38, and just found out that I am pregnant. The due date calculator said I am about 7 wks. I had been drinking every night and lots more on weekends. I have stopped now, but am scared to death that my baby got too much alcohol in the first month. I would love anyone's imput. I haven't been to a doctor yet.


geri - December 1

just gave birth and baby looks good!! just don't get drunk anymore...I really wouldn't worry


Annette - December 5

The same happened to me. I was very scared in the beggining, after finding out I was pregnant and have had more than a couple drinks for the first 6 weeks. I am 30 weeks now and baby looks healthy, no malformations, brain growing at a normal rate.


krc - December 20

I didn't find out I was pregnant till I was 5 weeks along. I was drinking heavily on a daily basis because my boyfriend( and father of my baby) died november 19th. I am now 7 weeks and quit drinking when I found out. I too was worried that I may have damaged my baby but I think everything will be okay.


Erin - December 30

I am now 11 weeks, and found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, and just like all of you, I drank pretty frequently before I found out. My Dr. told me that the embryo does not even attach to you until around 6 weeks, so anything you do before then, does not go directly to the embryo/fetus. Do not worry, I know MANY women who were in the same boat and have beautiful healthy babies!


tree - December 31

I followed "The Dead." I used a condom and still became pregnant. I was a pot-head and heavy drinker. At 10 weeks i found out. At 98 pounds, my periods were not regular. She is 11 and gets straight A's and scores high on New York State standardized tests. Stop drinking now and quit freaking out. it will be fine.


babybabybaby - April 29

I was underweight, drinking heavily nightly (at least a bottle of wine), taking occasional prescription painkillers, smoked cigarettes and did cocaine a couple times before I found out I was 2 months pregnant. I had just stopped taking the pill and had what I thought was a period - turns out it was implantation bleeding. I was absolutely sick and horrified, thinking of the harm I could have done to my unborn child. Of course, I stopped all bad behavior immediately, started prenatal vitamins and eating as healthy as possible. I was nervous but, I now have a perfectly healthy, intelligent & funny 2-year old son (who by the way was over 9 lbs at birth!). Good luck & best wishes!


AnonymousCaMama - June 18

My goodness, I am so nervous. I am 35 and have struggled with infertility. Now I am finally pregnant. At my first ultrasound we saw an empty sac and my doctor told me it wasn't a viable pregnancy (I had very high HCG numbers so she said she should have saw more than a sac). We discussed miscarriage/abortion options. I was devastated and binge drank (6 wine bottles over the course of 5 days). I just fell apart. A week later we went in to confirm the blighted ovum and we saw a yolk sac and possible heartbeat. I was crushed thinking about all of the alcohol I had consumed the week before (my 2nd week of pregnancy post-conception. My dr. made a huge error). Everything I read in the pregnancy books says that week 4 (2 weeks post-conception) is so crucial and that large amounts of alcohol can damage a baby's face or brain. I am falling apart and considering an abortion (it's so crazy to even admit that) as I am afraid that I damaged my child and its quality of life.


rusticbelle - July 19

I am in the same boat- we were told we were infertile and wanted to have our last few months of partying out of our systems before "trying" to get have a baby and seeing the fertility MD. I am not sure if I am, but we wear no protection and have been on a nice relaxing vaca with lots of....practicing.... with no protection as we normally dont...And now I have all the symptoms (- test) and am thinking, "what if I have ruined my baby that I am not even sure I am having yet?" maybe I am just paranoid. Who knows. I will update with the results from the tests in a week, home tests that is.


SendraMilhollin1 - August 2

Hi. I found out I was pregnant at 24 weeks and I have binged about 7 times in the past two months. I wasnt even showing and I work out all the time so I had no idea with the occasional period here and there...What will be the odds of my baby turning out ok??? The seven times I binged were probably about 7 to 8 drinks...


rusticbelle - August 20

Okay- turns out that it was really bad PMS, based on my last post. However, I did get preggo after my last period. I have been drinking my regular martinis and enjoying myself with the ladies nightly and heavier on the weekends when I felt "funny" about 4 days ago. I took a test, and + all 3 were! I fell pretty okay, as I stopped all together drinking and eat pretty healthy any way and have been on prenatals for a few months. I am so excited and slightly scared, but I feel all together my anxiety will be alleviated when I have the first ultra sound. MOMS- our bodies have a way of protecting the unknown... My best GF and mother of 6 told me this. It helped me to hear this. And know, GOD is in control! You will love your child no matter what! Good luck ladies and congrats!


helotes - March 13

I am 24 weeks pregnant now and drank my regular 2 martini's and small gla__s of wine w/ dinner (each day) up to 6 wks when I found out the baby had a heartbeat! Was very surprised because I had been through fertility testing etc. Lot story short, I immediately quit drinking after seeing Dr. Baby is ok, except for has isolated (not in relation to any other abnormality) "partial agenesis of corpus callosum" which may cause some developmental delays. I blame my drinking on this now, but one Dr. says this there is not a fully known cause of this. Still searching and hoping I did not cause. Anyone else in this same boat? I doubt it because it is a pretty rare congenital birth defect. Anyhow, any info anyone may have would be helpful.



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