Drinking Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

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martie - July 27

I went on vacation one and a half weeks after conceiving for 10 days and drank quite a bit! Upon returning I still didn't get my period (I am never regular!) and found out I am pregnant. I am very worried about the possible damage I have unwittingly done. Can you give me any insight into this? Thank you so much.


rebecca - February 24

i did the same thing with my daughter, although i found out at nine weeks and was drinkinking every weekend up until then.my daughter is now two years old and very healthy and happy.i didnt have a problem with her.goodluck!


Lisa - March 18

I am now 6 weeks pregnant. I went to a wedding 10 days after conception and had quite a few drinks. I have been worried as everything I read on the internet is not rea__suring. Though my sister didnt find out she was pregnant until 16 weeks and had carried on her social life as normal smoking and drinking. Her boy is now 9mths old and is perfect. All you can do is try and stop worrying ... thats what I'm trying to do.


xristinaki - June 8

I had some medication also without knowing and i had some specialists search if it could harm the baby. They told me that since 18 days from conception these things do not affect the baby.If something goes wrong you loose the baby very early (like an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage).


ab - June 14

I smoked a joint and drank like a fish on the vacation that I got pregnant. My son is now 10 yrs old - top of his cla__s and a total sweetie.


Julie - July 27

I am 6 weeks pregnant--everything has seemed fine until today. I had some VERY light brown spotting--not even really "liquid" and my b___st tenderness has diminished a bunch. I am worried this means I have miscarried. I'm still queasy and tired and I haven't spotted any more but I'm really concerned.


andria - September 24

i don't hahve any real medical expertise on this, however, i, too did the same thing! i was really worried for a while until i went to my doctor who said not to worry, when you read that alcohol, caffine and such is really bad for the embryo, especially in the very beginning they are refferring to people who are alcoholics and or drug addicts, and even then it's not garanteed that it will effect the babys developement. look at courtney love, she was a heroin addict and her son is perfectly healthy. i mean look how many women do the same thing! it's almost impossible to know your pregnant within the first few weeks, and so therefor, practically unavoidable. so, consider this happens with many women, the statistics don't support that there are an equal, or even substanial number of babies born with birth defects caused by some drinking in the first few weeks. try not to worry, and stay positive!!!


Mellissa - October 19

Thank God! When people hear me worry about this, they just tell me not to waste my time fretting about it because, let's face it, everyone knows someone who had a healthy baby after a month of drinking unknowingly. My partner himself was in his Mother's belly while she had two months of Wedding preparations and Honeymoon excitement before she knew! So glad to hear there are other women out there with the same concerns. I concieved 22 days before my birthday and at a time when many people were being posted to other cities and countries from my work which equalled lot's of parties. It was almost 6 weeks before I found out we were going to be parents! I know that I'll blame myself if our baby isn't "normal" but for now, I could worry myself sick with something I can't reverse. Hang in there girls, I'm with you.


Jamie - November 15

I have been doing the Atkins diet which is almost has no folic acid in it.I was not taking any vitamins either, I am now 7 weeks pregnant, an I in trouble


E - November 16

Jamie, Between the 17th and 30th day after conception (or 4 to 6 weeks after the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period), the neural tube forms in the embryo (developing baby) and then closes. The neural tube later becomes the baby’s spinal cord, spine, brain, and skull. A neural tube defect (NTD) occurs when the neural tube fails to close properly, leaving the developing brain or spinal cord exposed to the amniotic fluid. The two most common neural tube defects are anencephaly and spina bifida. --- That said, your baby will likely be fine as NTD are rare. Hopefully you eat a well balanced diet and get enough FA from that. Most foods, incuding almost all cold cereals are fortified with folate. Look at the nutrition chart on the foods you eat and you will see that many of the foods have this. Rest easy:)


E - November 16

I forgot while I was typing that you were on Atkins... Hopefully your body had enough stored for the baby. How long were you on Atkins?


lucia - January 13

Is drinking alcohol bad while you are trying to get pregnant?


Elise - January 13

Drinking alchohol while pregnant can be dangerous, but the consequences are exaggerated somewhat. If a woman gets drunk quite a lot during her pregnancy there are many adverse things that can occur to her baby, but when this scenario takes place, the damage occurs in only 1 out of 1000 babies (give or take). Thus, it is not that common to harm your baby if you drink in copius amounts and even less so if you drink occa__sionally, but the point remains, do you want your child to be the one that is harmed. This is why alcohol should be avoided. Not because it is so inherently bad during pregnancy but because doctors feel they must warn woman of all the risks while pregnant so they do no inadvertently harm their child. If you had too many drinks once, I wouldn't worry about it. There is an extremely slim change that any permanent damage was done


Bridget - January 13

I was just on vacation in New York for New Years, and found I was Pregnant upon returning as well. I've heard many stories of women not knowing they are pregnant until they're 2 months who had been drinking. As long as you quit now, you'll be ok from what I hear!


Dana - January 16

Thank G-d I found this board. I have been making myself sick over this very situation. I am hardly a drinker at all but over the holidays I had my fair share. I just found out that I am preg. and I am so worried about the damage I may have caused. This thread gave me a bit of peace since everything on the internet tells of the horror stories! I know I have to stop worrying but it has been extremely hard.


CW - January 20

I have done the same thing, and missed my period, but have not confirmed if I am pregnany or not. What did you find out? I only drank 3 times, but I also smoked pot once.


lolo - January 26

i drank the first month I was pregnant (not knowing I was pregnant)-when I found out that I was I freaked out myself-my doc said the baby would be fine-my daughter was born August 22,2003 and was 100% healthy.



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