Drinking Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

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lolo - January 26

i drank the first month I was pregnant (not knowing I was pregnant)-when I found out that I was I freaked out myself-my doc said the baby would be fine-my daughter was born August 22,2003 and was 100% healthy.


Lisa - January 29

My first pregnancy wasn't planned, I was a student in Mexico and consumed more than anyone's fair share of tequila (and cigarettes) right up until I actually found out. Whilst I'm not advocating bad habits, chances are very small. Laura is 5 years old and absolutely perfect. By comparison, my second pregnancy was perfectly planned and alcohol, nicotine, blue cheese, caffeine etc etc etc free and I had to have a ERPC the day before New Years. A large part of having a baby is down to chance and I think worrying about it is going to send you crazy. As long as you keep healthy now I think you and baby have absolutely nothing to worry about.


Rachel - February 2

This message board is so cool, is there a pregnancy chatroom? I drank HEAVILY for like a month straight before I knew. We even used contraceptive gel every time. I guess there's always that failure rate. Anyway, I haven't even been to the doctor yet, just took the test today. I appreciate all your positive comments, because this was really worrying me!!


Ashley - February 9

I am now 7 weeks pregnant and just found out last week. All through what woudlhave been the 3-6 weeks of pregnancy, I drank a lot of caffine.. coffey in the mornign and diet cokes in the day. I drank a little more than I should have 2 times during the those 3 weeks. I'm really worried... I also saw that the organs.. eyes, nose etc forms during the 5th week and i drank a lot of caffine that week... Could I have totally ruined my baby?


Vanessa - February 13

I am 17 weeks pregnant and didnt even find out till 11 weeks. Up until then I probably binge drunk about 8 times a fair amount. Could anyone give me some advice because I am so worried about my babies health. vanessahmarie@hotmail.com


sheila - February 28

My sister was on drugs for many years she was on crack and was an alcoholic. She has five children only one came out premature but no he's a strong 18yr old boy. I thinkk it depends how much you drink and how frequently and if you seek prenatal care you should be alright. Most women dont know thir pregnate until thier 10th week or some later. And most stats are done by men.


Beth - March 1

My husband and I are going on an all inclusive trip for a week. While we are there we want to start trying to get pregnant. It is bad that I drink while I am there?


KENYA - March 1



GK - March 5

Thank goodness I am not alone! I just took three pregnancy tests this morning- all positive and all that came to mind was the three nights that I got totally hammered two weeks ago. I did talk with my doctor and he said not to worry. Good luck ladies, stay positive. You are not alone!


Shawn - March 5

Just dont worrly God will take care of you and the preciuos baby, you did not know and he knows that. So just have faith, The baby is fine!


jacksmom - March 8

I am happy to say that after having spent many days(2 weeks) celebrating our wedding in Hawaii we were pregnant. That was after many nights of drinking ...Jack was born at 39 weeks and was a perfect 10 on the APGAR score. I think your general well being is what matters most, being a marathon runner I know that I am healthy and that the alcohol played little in his development. Be kind to yourself, it is what it is....all will be fine.


Karen - March 9

I too drank heavily before I knew I was pregnant. Not heavily on a daily basis, but a few binge drinking episodes. Do you think I should be worried?? Is there any test that the OB/GYN can perform to tell if there has been any harm to the fetus? Please help, I am worried sick!


Angel Lewandowski - March 21

I was born with Fetal Alcohol Effects and my mother wouldn't stop drinking. My advice to you is to STOP right now!! If you can't, I'm sure there are places you could go for help.


heidi - April 5

i did bout the same thing the DR's say it wont affect the baby unless u do it ur whole pregnacy or very late in pregnecy


jane - April 15

dont worry i drank the first 3 months of my pregnancy i didnt no i was pregnant at the time as i was having periods i was drinking vodka and all sorts but i had a healthy baby thank god shes 3 now and healthy so dont worry


Kimberly - April 24

well i cant really say anything. I'm 16 and iam pregnat not a surprise right.. But its okay i drank without knowing it was a drink and without knowing i was pregnet.. Its okay thouhgt my baby is fine.. and my boyfrind thanks God everyday for it.. I really am glad that i can on this site.. It took me some time to be able to talk about teen s_x and me having a baby.. but I feel like i can just type my heart out hear Thank you for reading this



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