Drinking Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

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Kimberly - April 24

well i cant really say anything. I'm 16 and iam pregnat not a surprise right.. But its okay i drank without knowing it was a drink and without knowing i was pregnet.. Its okay thouhgt my baby is fine.. and my boyfrind thanks God everyday for it.. I really am glad that i can on this site.. It took me some time to be able to talk about teen s_x and me having a baby.. but I feel like i can just type my heart out hear Thank you for reading this


SCR - April 25

I am 7 weeks pregnant, and did not find out until I was about 5 weeks. I drank a couple times a week until the last weekend before we found out when I drank three times that week. I had a miscarriage (a flawless pregnancy, no alch, no soft cheeses, etc) where I did everything right. We saw the heartbeat today, and it seems & feels like a very strong pregnancy. The DR. says chances of anything being wrong are extremely small, but he is letting me do every test under the sun (noninvasive) to make me feel better. I also drank several times w/ my first pregnancy before I knew I was preggo and I have a 100% perfect little two-year old girl. Point being---most of what happens is chromosomal. Don't sweat it. They can't even prove that very early drinking can cause problems if you have stopped, but if it did, the chances are higher that you would miscarry than anything else, and if you are that far along I'd bet money that your baby is absolutely perfect!


Sarah - April 29

Hi Marite-how far along are you now? How are you doing?


Megan - May 17

How much caffine can you have with out hurting the baby. I like my diet pepsi and was told that as long as you stayed under 6 a day you were ok. Is that too much??


T - May 23

I do believe I am about a month pregnant, and I have been so scared that I have done some damage to my unborn child from drinking a couple of times. Then recently i got into a minor fight. I am so scared that I'm going to have a misscourge again.


Jessica - May 27

I would have to say you aren't the only one! I found out at 5 wks I was pregnant and even though we were trying I didn't cut out the alcohol. I know I should have but I figured since I am b___stfeeding when the baby comes I should party just a little cause I won't be able to do it when I am pregnant. I did tell my dr. that I had some alcohol b4 i knew I was preg and she said not to worry about it


Maggie - May 30

Listen I know that in most cases a woman can have a few drinks during pregnancy and in all likelyhood her baby will be fine. I got pregnant around new years 2000 and partied my guts out. I found out january 3, 2000 that I was pregnant and worried everyday about my new years drinking. My son was fine. But here are the facts, while highly unlikely to cause harm to the embryo, any substance that can pa__s through the placenta can be a potential threat. The threat becomes way more serious when the embryo becomes a viable fetus. My OB/GYN told me that all it takes is for alcohol to pa__s through the placenta ONE time to potentially cause damage. That little tiny body may not be able to adjust to the alcohol in the placenta. My advice is JUST DON'T DRINK!! This isn't about chromosomes and DNA, this is about essentially poisoning your baby. The good news is that if you indulged before you knew you were pregnant the chances of it hurting your baby are very very slim, but now that you know for your baby's sake leave the booze alone. Good luck to everyone embarking on the journey of parenthood....I promise you it's the best and most important thing you will ever do!!


Sara - May 31

I found out i was pregnant Dec. 23rd. It was a total shock!! In the 2 weeks before that we had had several holiday parties at which I drank, sometimes heavily, each time. I ended up miscarrying at 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I will always be convinced that it had something to do w/ the drinking prior to the pregnancy diagnosis even though everyone says not to blame myself. I do anyway. My advise is if you think that their is even a chance of pregnancy DON'T DRINK. If something bad does in fact happen, take it from me, the guilt is just not worth it.


Heather - August 7

I have been worring myself sick about it i am now 6 weeks and i was drinking every weekend without knowing and now i am scared for my unborn child. I also have friends and family think i should have an obortion and i don't really know what to do.


IJS - August 11

Thanks for the rea__surances ladies, I'm going through the same thing, big nights out before I knew and I've just had a positive test and I was really scared. I want to do everything right for this baby and it feels like a bad start, I feel less guilty reading your comments


Brandy - August 12

Hi everyone, Thank God for this board. I too am pregnant. (Just found out). I too had several binge drinking episodes and am extremely worried! It is eating me alive that I harmed my baby. All I have been doing is searching the internet and am convinced I am doomed. I have my first doc's appt. on the 24th. I believe I am about 3-4 weeks. I would really like to have an e-mail partner that is going through the same thing to talk to. So if anyone is interested, let me know.


sissy - August 12

I have drank lightly during my pregnancy but recently went through a horrible bout with the father and had too many on a few occasions. I am in my last trimester and I am scared to death that I have hurt my baby. Does anyone have any advice, please don't be too judgemental I know what I've done is wrong.


Brandy - August 13

If anyone wants to share their anxieties...let me know. I am going through the same thing and can't stop worrying. Or if anyone has been through this let me know. Thanks!!


Zinnia - July 31

This post board has been inactive for almost a year....I am curious if any of you who wrote before read this and can say how thier birth went and how their babies are...?


Skyeblue - August 8

Hi, I have the same question as above! I am in the same boat of worry and I am very curious as to anyone who posted here before can respond. Thanks!


jennifer2006 - August 13

Hi Zinnia and Skyeblue, I am with you girls. I just took a test today (being one week late) and it was positive. The last 3 weekends (saturdays) I've been drinking and partying and didn't know I was pregnant, now I'm really scared, we were trying, but I didn't think I would get pregnant so fast (2 mo) I'm really upset and I would like any advice also!



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