Drinking Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

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jennifer2006 - August 13

Hi Zinnia and Skyeblue, I am with you girls. I just took a test today (being one week late) and it was positive. The last 3 weekends (saturdays) I've been drinking and partying and didn't know I was pregnant, now I'm really scared, we were trying, but I didn't think I would get pregnant so fast (2 mo) I'm really upset and I would like any advice also!


Zinnia - August 14

Hi Jennifer, There are some postings recently about drinking in early pregnancy in the following forums: Diet and Pregnancy, General Preg Questions and Preg Complications. The t_tle of the questions have ALCOHOL in them. Have you been to the dr yet...? Are you new here...? I came up upon this website looking for answers to this worry. Most other stuff on the web says we are going to have 3 headed babies! Have you found anything worth reading...?xx


jenniferk - September 1

i am 4 weeks pregnant. I just found out and I am elated but then I soon began worrying. I was drinking quite heavily for the 2 weeks prior. I probably had 4-5 drinks for 4 days in the past week. I was on vacation and did not think I was pregnant. I feel incredibly guilty and nervous about the development of my baby. This is my second pregnancy. My last pregnancy I drank heavily the week I conceived but then didn't drink at all. I have a healthy almost 4 year old daughter who is perfect in every way. This site is very helpful for me because I have read the other stuff on the internet and was convinced my baby has fetal alchohol syndrome. it's nice to know there are other people out there that can relate to my insanity.


gobblegobble - September 7

Hi all, don't worry too much. My mom was of the old school when she was pregnant with me thirty years ago, and refused to give up her couple of martinis before dinner, and her wine with her food. I was born just fine, and went on to become Valedictorian of my high school cla__s, and had plenty of attention from the boys, so I like to think everything turned out fine. I wouldn't worry too much about a few drinking bouts before you knew you were pregnant, just stop now and I'm sure everything will be fine.


jenna32 - October 4

doesn't courtney love only have a daughter? and according to her husband she didnt do drugs at that time and it was the media anyway i think youll be fine.


Kitiara - November 18

Hi, this is the first time ive been in this forum and love that there is so much advice from many different spectrums. Im now 34wks pregnant with my first child and didnt find out i was pregnant until roughly 7wks. Before that i was drinking nearly every wkend and taking the pill. I was also smoking. As soon as i found out i quit both the pill and stopped drinking and saw my doctor ASAP. He knew how worried i was and promised to do a thorough anomaly ultra scan on bub at 18wks. I quit smoking at 14wks cold turkey. Even though of course he isnt born yet, the scan turned up extremely promising. All his organs and brain have developed properly, his skin was great and his already got such a sweet little personality and full of beans all the time. I still get worried sometimes, but at the end of the day im not doing myself or my unborn child any favours by looking at my past mistakes. As long as i learn from them and try to be a good mum after his born, thats all that matters. Congratulations to all of you and hope your pregnancies go well!


urbandorothy - January 3

I am 17 weeks pregnany today and I, too drank moderately during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. I grew accustomed to sharing a bottle of wine at dinner. I was terrified, and of course reading the medical findings on the internet does not help ease your stress and worries at all. Thank you to every woman who is posted on this board. It is good to know you are not alone, and you are not a bad person for not knowing. I, of course, have stopped drinking now, and will try to stop worrying about the pregnancy. I'm glad to know many have had healthy, normal babies after the alcohol mishaps. I will keep checking back with updates :) Good luck, mums!


skeets - April 8

hello, i came on this site last year completely paranoid as id conceived sometime during my honeymoon in thailand when i was drinking very heavily (spirits) nearly every day for 3 weeks, i found out i was pregnant at 5 weeks and stopped drinking and smoking straight away, i now have a perfectly healthy 3 month old baby girl, obviously its not a good idea to drink and smoke if your trying to conceive, but if its already happened theres no point beating yourself up about it, think positive and enjoy your pregnancy.


slkd - April 9

I did the same thing, except I actually had a blood test that said I was not pregnant - so I went to a wedding and had quite a bit to drink! That Monday I was meeting with my dr to find out whats going on with my cycle b/c still no period. I took a pregnancy test that morning just to see - positive!!!! I asked my doctor about it and she said it was fine and not to worry about it. She actually said the same exact thing happened to one of the other obgyn's in the office. I think when it's that early it's okay, just as long as you stop once you know.


OBrn - August 26

i am a registered nurse, and in nursin school we learned that any insult up until the point of missing menstration whether it be infection, drug use alcohol, etc,either completely causes the fetus to abort or there is no ill effects. we were told it is natures way of protecting the fetus before we knowingly can protect it ourselves


jessdekker - September 12

Thanks for all the comments. I went through the same scenario where I had gone on holidays for two weeks and drank my face off before finding out I was five weeks pregnant. All of the feedback has put my mind at ease!!!


GimmeaBub - September 16

Hey ya, sorry but i agree with the other lady courtney love only has a daughter and thats francis bean daughter of Kurt Cobain, Lol, anyway I drank heavily 2 years ago, and still fell pregnant it still happens, remmebr your body relaxes so thats why some women fall pregnant easierly because they are not stressed.


BrandyC176 - September 16

I just found out I am pregnant with my 2nd child today! Not planned, but still very happy! I am a little worried b/c for the past 2 weeks I have been partying quite a bit due to vacation and parties! I am now worried about the baby's health! I think I am only 2 wks pregnant!


ceebee - June 21

I recently stopped taking the pill because I didn't think I would be s_xually active for a while. Then of course I was (three times). We used condoms properly every time, but now my period is over a week late. I know that stopping the pill can make periods a bit random, but have been freaking out worrying that I might be pregnant. Couldn't come at a worse time, but what I am most concerned about is the fact that I have been partying pretty hardcore for the past few weeks. Panicking wondering if I am in fact pregnant, what my options are. Will the baby be all right or would an abortion be the more responsible action? I probably just need see a doctor, but want to thank you all for your input. I am so glad I came across this message board! Gives me peace of mind until I take that scary test. Best of luck to the rest of you.


laurawilson22.2010 - June 17

i have just found out im pregnant i am excactly four weeks pregnant and returned home from holiday last week i do not drink often at all but i was really drunk 1 night on holiday which would have been about 2- 2 and a half weeks ago i am not sure if this was a few days before i concieved or a few days after i am worried because i was really drunk does any1 know if i am in trouble? will my baby be ok?


linzee808 - July 11

I am 26 years old and just found out i am possibly 6 weeks pregnant. This was a shock to me because i was taking my birth control on the reg. Then my doctor found out that i probably got pregnant from the antibiotics i was taking 5-6 weeks ago which lowers the effectiveness of your BC. During the 6 weeks I would go out on the weekends with my friends and boyfriend and drink hard liquor. I do know that any alcohol consumption is dangerous for you baby and I am worried that my actions have harmed my baby's development in any way. My boyfriend is extremely worried as well and is considering having an abortion. We would bot feel guilty if our baby had problems because of our actions. All you want is a healthy baby. This has caused many sleepless nights and many tears. I don't have any drug abuse problem and I am dedicated 100% to a healthy pregnancy and baby but fear the damage is already done.



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