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natasha - June 1

I was badly affected by the intack of extacy 2 weeks prior to conception. would this have an effect on the development of the baby? i had also been taking diet tablets for 2 years prior to the conception. i stopped taking them when i found out i was pregnant (at 5 weeks) - do I have anything to worry about?


jessica - November 10

i am doing a science piece for school and this is my topic i was wondering about drugs that preg. wemon take and cause birth defects


can't - November 10

really help if we don't know what kind of diet pills and if you stopped the other stuff before conception you are probably ok.


heather - November 26

you dont have anything to worry about. if it was awhile before conception. hell i took lortab a few pills for the first 2 weeks before i found out i was pregnant. my baby is just fine . i would never try diet pills even though they are tempting.


y - November 27

All you can do is stop, you did, and tell your doctor. You must tell your doctor, they would know better. .


Rebekah - February 9

If a 14 year old mother who is 8 1/2 months along is doing drugs? Will the hospital do a drugs test? Can the father who is 19 get custody of the new born?


chandellina - February 9

i don't know about custody but if you are in the u.s., yes there is a good chance the hospital will test for drugs. there was a thread about this in general pregnancy questions under marijuana. you'll find more information there.


Ummmm... - February 10

If you're in the US, it would be kind of hard for a 19-year-old father to get custody of the child if he's in jail for statutory rape!


DEANN - April 9

Can acetaminaphin with codiene hurt the baby


SARAH - April 12

Acetaminophen w/ codeine is a pregnancy category C, meaning there is not much research on how it will affect an unborn baby. Narcotic a___lgesics do seem to be the drug of choice if tylenol doesn't work. I'm no doctor, but most will tell you that if used in MODERATION ir will not hurt the baby. If you use it a lot through your entire pregnancy the baby could get addicted and have withdrawals when s/he is born. SO, ask your doc, BUT if its just for dental surgery or something short term theyll probably tell you its OK.



I was in the triage for pain the other day and there was a girl in there who's dr had prescribed her lortab 5 and she was able to take two of them a day, also i was given tylenol 3's with codeine-my thing is if they can Prescribe basically synthetic heroin to women then how can marijuana be bad? any advice



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