Earl Gray Tea

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gurekosan - February 13

I`m six week pregnant,Is it safe for me to drink this earl gray tea?coz it somehow eased my nausea.


PP - February 15

Earl Gray should be fine. It is like Cham. Tea it is herbal and noncaffinated. It will also help you relax.


E - February 16

PP -What are you talking about? Earl Gray can be caffeinated or decaf, depending on which type you purchase. I have both in my home. Dark teas can provide as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, depending on how long you soak the bag. A limited amount of caffeine during pregnancy is thought to be okay. The March of Dimes website has a chart that provides pregnant women with a guide for caffeine intake. I am sure a weak cup or two of EG tea each day will cause no harm but it is up to you to educate yourself about the risks a__sociated with caffeine and pregnancy. Feel better:)


Kelly - March 10

Earl Grey is considered one of the stronger types of tea. It does come in Decaf though. My doctor told me that it was fine for me to continue my one cup a day of English Breakfast. I just make sure that the rest of the day I try and stay caffeine free, including chocolate!


Jeannie - April 18

Chatelaine magazine had an article on black and green tea being good for healthy egg release and ok during pregnancy. Coffee has been connected to miscarriages. I did hear that the oil of Bergamot in Earl Grey wasn't that good though. A quick Google search yielded the following: http://www.nzhealth.co.nz/research/neuro_earlgrey.htm


KellyB - April 18

I would say a cup a day would be fine, just watch the rest of your caffiene intake. Like E said, earl grey is a stronger tea and has more caffiene then normal Lipton tea (if it's the caffinated kind). I drink English Breakfast and Earl Grey stick to only one cup a day or i do decaf.


Kimberly - April 22

Jeannie, it is caffiene that is linked to miscarriage, not simply coffee. Decaf coffee is not linked to miscarriage. It does not matter where you get your caffiene, if you have too much, you run a higher risk of having a miscarriage. What is considered "too much" is different for everyone.


wumi - May 16

i am pregnant and i like drink tea


m - May 16

It is certainly ok to drink a cup of Earl Grey. If it makes your tummy feel better, that's fine. Your baby is not sucking all it's nutrients from you yet. It's after your placenta takes over that things really begin to cross into baby. But it's time to begin setting your limits. So if you like it and you're drinking it in small amounts, it isjust fine.


m - May 16

One tea that made me feel good was Ginger Peach, by The Republic of Tea. You can buy it at Borders, or like a World Market store. It is wonderful tea, it's light, and made my tummy feel so much better.



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