Eating Quot Bad Quot While Pregnant

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joanne - November 8

OK, so I know we are not supposed to eat junk food while pregnant. I am 10 weeks at the moment, and overall I eat pretty healthy. The strange thing is now that I'm pregnant veggies repulse me. I get close to vomiting if I eat them raw and sometimes even cooked. I can handle them on a sandwitch or even a salad, but cant handle the healthiest veggies like (broccoli, spinach, onions, even carrots sometimes). I used to eat that stuff daily before getting pregnant, but HONESTLY cant right now w/o feeling sick even looking at and smelling the veggies. Did anyone else feel this way? also, I feel guilty b/c I pigged out on some chocolate and peanut brittle today. Its kindof frustrating hearing these women on here who jog daily and never eat anything bad while pregnant......I mean good for you, but I cant handle that right now? too tired and nauseated. Anyone else???


Lisa - November 8

I eat pretty healthy, but sometimes I have something sweet or junk food like chips. Hey, I'm human. If I want to have a handful of chips I'm going to. Just make sure you take your prenatals if you are slacking here for a bit, your baby still needs it's nutrients.


k - November 8

I'm 22 weeks and veggies and salads don't really appeal to me either. I try to get a few in a day but it's hard.


Ella - November 9

I try to eat pretty healthy, I eat Subway for lunch almost everyday, I guess that's a good craving. I'm 10 weeks too and I take my vitamins every night, so i guess if I snack on some M&M's it ok/ I don't have a problem eating veggies, it's the fatty dressing or dip that I want to put them in that can't be so good for me...I have only gained 1 pound and have been pretty liberal about eating what I feel like...


mercedes - November 9

Hi Joanne, I'm sooo glad you posted this...I thought I was the only one feeling like this as well...The funny thing is that I used to be a really strict vegan before I got pregnant, I would not have any 'indulgences' more than about 2-3 times a YEAR! Now it seems like I'm doing it all the time as well, just because the thought of most veggies repulse me...I've completely gone off tomato juice and V8 as well, even though I used to love the stuff before...I'm 10.5 wks now and find that it's getting better, I don't crave the junk that strongly anymore, although it might have to do with my cold - I'm hoping it doesn't and it will pa__s...Good luck to you!


Pauline - November 9

My pregnancy has been VERY uneventful, but for one to two weeks, I too had an aversion to veggies, and it really annoyed me! I soent so much time getting myself to like them and was eating so well, and then when I felt it most necessary I didn't want them. Hopefully your nausea will pa__s (I'm now at about week 19). If not, maybe you'd feel less "bad" about it if you ate something else healthy. Like, instead of chocolate and peanut brittle (YUM, by the way!!), maybe try peanut b___ter on bread? Don't beat yourself up on occasional junk food, though. :)


rach - November 25

veggies gross me out, too. i'm trying to eat fruit and take my vitamins, but i would still feel better if i could stand to eat some veggies. pretty much all i'm getting is from soups.



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