Eating Disorder In Pregnancy

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kessa - July 10

Is anyone else out there in recovery from an eating disorder and currently pregnant or experiencing problems with disordered eating during pregnancy?


anechka - July 11

Kind of... I used to be bulimic when I was younger and was seriously addicted to meth in my teens do to the weight issue. Now, I am having a really hard time with the weight gain because my doctor's keep telling me I'm gainging too much, but I really just don't want to hear it anymore! This is the ONE time in my life I don't want to worry about my weight! I started out at 134 (but was only eating salads and drinking soy milk at that time) and am now 158lbs (I'm 5'6)... at 26 weeks. I'm struggling. Every time I go to the doctor I cry now. I wish they would just be more sensitive.


igelwelch - July 11

Hi Kessa-a good friend of mine and former anorexic had a healthy baby girl a few years ago. I think for her, when she ate, it was a matter of focusing on the health of the baby, as opposed to how much you're putting in your mouth. How are you feeling about eating? Are you feeling guilty or is it going so far as to prevent you from eating enough? It's such a tough one. Hang in there!


abrashear77 - July 12

I recently found out I am pregnant and have been bulimic for over 10 years. I feel like it's a godsend being pregnant. It's really difficult right now because I'm used to just starving myself and it's scary to think about gaining weight, but I realize it's more than me in the picture now.


anechka - July 12

abrashear77, be careful, its tough, but you're starting out with a great mentality. I don't have an eating disorder anymore, just a severe body image problem, however, every time i look at that scale at the doctor's office its super hard for me and i cry... mainly because they're kind of insensitive and keep telling me im gaining too much. For once in my life I'm not worrying about it and eating when my body wants (which is a lot more often now) and I really don't want ot have to worry about it! I had an appointment yesterday where the nurse told me to stop eating ice cream and carbs and eat less and smaller meals and I tried that out today and almost ended up fainting because I didn't eat when and as much as I wanted/needed to! My boyfriend ended up calling my doctor and complaining because I don't look like I'm getting fat, and I'm not eating bad, and THATS what should matter most: that im healthy... either way its super hard, but im lucky to have his support on this!


SamiB - July 31

I have struggled with eating disorders (mostly anorexia) since I was 14, I am now 23.. This has been really hard for me while being pregnant.. While I had been doing better before I was pregnant (due to help from husband) gaining the weight has been difficult. I am due in 3 weeks now, and have cried a lot about my weight. I have actually gained more than "average" which makes me feel even worse.. but I know part of that is due to me eating healthy now and my metabolism not being where it should be from my years of anorexia... It is really hard.. but I guess I just try to tell myself that right now the baby is number one and I have to eat right and not throw up afterwards for the baby...


MLF - November 4

I was anorexic for 10 years prior to getting pregnant with my daughter. What I did was when it came time for doctors appointments, I faced backwards on the scale. My doctor was under strict instructions to never tell me what I weighed or how much I gained. They were allowed to say "you did great this week" or "you may want to eat a bit more for next time" I still have no idea who much I gained during my pregnancy other than my doctor said it was "perfect" Now that I am pregnant with #2, this doctor isn't so kind. They make me track my weight in a book. I have a problem with it, but realize the weight gain is for the best reason. As long as you eat right you should have no problem taking the weight off when the baby is born.


cindy120175 - April 9

I had been in the hospital for 5 weeks about 6 months before I got pregnant with my son. I was seriously anorexic at the time (78lbs at 5'1"). I had gotten to a healthy weight (110) and wanted to get pregnant and I did. I didn't look at my weight at the appointments and told them not to tell me. One time they said, "Oh you gained a lot this month, 8 lbs". It about threw me off, but in the end I was healthy and had a healthy baby. It took me about 18 months to get to where I was, but I was I am pregnant with my second and haven't been so lucky. I have had stomach problems for about 1 1/2 years and gaining weight has been hard this time. I actually eat junk or anything so I can gain.....I still think about the losing weight, but at the same time, I know to be healthy I can't.....Plus it is too mentally stressing to do that...


callmeshawty22 - July 3

I am so glad to see this post. I am 22 years old and pregnant with my third child. I have struggled with bulimia off an on since I was 14 but it was not an issue with my first two pregnancies. I got to my worst point about two years ago when i realized i was obese and it's been a battle to not gain all the weight back since then. I am currently 150lbs. I am terrified of getting "fat" again. I was so worried about what to do. I often snorted ritalin (prescribed) to help keep my weight down. I called my dr today to discuss that. I want a healthy baby and am so afraid of how powerful my eating disorder once was.


Mercyluvbebe - July 27

Ive struggled with Bulimia for 5 yrs but as soon as i fell pregnant my priority was eating right for the baby. I make sure i take my vitamins! And try and stick to vegies and fruit...its not about you anymore sweety..its about your baby. I also make sure I go for a walk when I think Ive eaten something fatty or eaten too much. Once the baby is born you can hit the gym..but until then you have to make sure you give your body the necessary intakes of food and fluids. But remember....pregnancy is a beautiful thing...and I think its the only time that you can treat yourself and not feel bad about it. Its only for a certain time and if I dare say your baby is born unhealthy you will regret not eating right.


esperanza_rose - August 31

i used to be anorexic from 12-16, but have spent the last couple of years getting much better. i now have lots of love for myself and that feels really good. i eat a lot healthier now too and am still a small girl even though i don't have an eating disorder.. i do ballet so that helps me keep in shape. now that i'm about 4 weeks pregnant, i have gained about 4 pounds and i'm okay with that.. it's a little frightening to think that i'll need to gain about 25 pounds for the baby, but i try to focus on other things. instead of the weight i gain, i try to focus on eating healthy and exercising.. that way i know that i'm doing the best i can for my health and the baby's health. i wish all of you lots of luck with this! i know it can feel very difficult sometimes..



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