Excesive Weight Gain

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dani. - June 23

I just got back from the Dr. I am 19 weeks, and i have already gained 25 lbs. I started at 115, now 140, my Dr. told me its getting excesive and i need to slow way down. All the moms that i know (not very many) tell me im doing good, that it is fine to gain this much. Is anybody else experiancing "excesive weight gain" or have any ideas on how im supposed to slow it down?


Tomygirl77 - June 25

Is this your 1st child? How tall are you? When I was pregnant with my 1st child, I was 125lbs 5'7" at start and weight 175lbs by time she was born. I couldn't help the weight gain but I did have high blood pressure and water gain due to the BP by time I was 7 months. The doctor told me the same thing to slow down. I am now 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and have not gained any weight yet. I am eating 6 small meals a day, alot more veggies/fruit and eating more healthy this time around. (I craved McDonalds with my 1st pregnancy :) ) I also don't eat after 7pm at night and drink alot of water. I would just recommend watch what you eat more closely and enjoy your baby! I hated the extra weight with my 1st child but it was so worth it in the end and I got back down to 135lbs after she was born. Good luck!


dmjdjw336 - October 5

I am currently 29 weeks and 6 days, This is my first pregnancy and I have gained a total of 34 lbs. I started out as 132 lbs and now am I think 175 lbs. It might have changed since my last visit though. The doctors are concerned as well as am I but the funny thing is I do not look like I gained anything nor do I have any problems. I cannot explain that and neither can the doctors. I feel fine, can move alright, no problems, healthy blood pressure and everything eles. I think it went mostly to my b___bs but that is just me. Since I started out as a 40D and now am at a 52D. Do you know how hard it is to find bras? I have resorted to bra extenders. lol My mother-in-law told me to starve myself because the baby can get all that it needs by now. Meaning I have to eat smaller and I mean smaller meals. As of yet the doctors have not told me anything to do about this so well I guess I am alright and I think you will be too.


buffy2297 - October 27

I gained 49 lbs during my first pregnancy I gained the first 14lbs in the 1st 12 weeks. I don't think I was far behind you at 25 weeks. I went into labour on my due date and gave birth to a 9lb 14.5 oz baby she was more than prefectly healthy. My blood pressure remained normal for the whole time that I was pregnant. Just monitor what your eating but enjoy being pregnant that's what it's all about gaining weight and getting abeautiful bump that youcan show off.


TatiK - November 10

dani. Eat healthy foods and DON"T try to eat for two. That will get you to go up and up and up with out a stop. Weight gain is normal especially if you were skinny to begin with. I know many young and older mothers that gained from 10lbs up to 95lbs during pregnancy. The most important thing is they all have healthy babies and lost most of the weight after pregnancy. All the best to you


EricaB - March 13

Dani, how tall are you? My doctors told me I was underweight before I got pregnant, at 5 ft 6" and 124 pounds. I thought I was at a perfect weight before that. After they told me that I needed to gain more than the average preggo, I started eating with abandon. Now, I'm at 14 weeks and weigh 140 lbs. I think 16 pounds in 14 weeks qualifies as excessive weight gain, though I'm not sure. Before getting pregnant, I used to run marathons. Now, because of a 12 cm fibroid outside of my uterus, I am practically ordered to not exercise. They said walking only. No running, no yoga, no swimming. The walking thing is so boring to me that I haven't been doing anything. The fatigue and pain also are limiting. So, what should we all do about weight gain now that we are this far along? Should we try to limit our daily food intake to a certain set number of calories to gain just the right amount of weight? I am confused with this whole process, as well. They say you should gain 1 pound per week during the second and third trimesters. Does this still hold true if you gained an "excessive" amount in the first trimester?



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