Finding It Difficult To Eat Healthy

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princess13 - December 7

Hi all, i am 7 weeks pregnant and am finding it very difficult to eat healthy food. I was never a big fan of fruit and veges anyway, but still ate enough of it. Now no food at all satisfies me, if feel sick all day, no vomiting though. So all i eat really is bread and crackers, have the occasional orange but anything else i cant stomach. I take pregnancy vitamins so i am hoping this helps my intake of good stuff. Any ideas???


Kspa - December 10

I wouldn't worry about it since you are having morning sickness. A lot of people only eat a handful of things the first 3 months when they are their sickiest. Your vitamins will make up the difference. Also, you may want to try a whey protein shake every morning. Some people say protien helps w/ the naseua.


misundastQQd - December 19

Hey there, Your sickness feelings should fade away eventually. As long as you are making an effort what else can ya do!? Cant stuff a 10 oz. steak down ya throat. :)p Vitamins are a have to! And they help a lot, but ya need your food to. Wish I knew what you felt like because I cant eat enough! I am 10 weeks. Maybe you will re-gain your appet_te. Try once you wake up in the morning to take a couple bites right away. I have not had any morning sickness at all yet, so. Maybe it helps =) Good luck hon!


lauralandacre - March 22

princess13, We all find it difficult to eat healthy but it is more important than ever to at least supplement what you are not getting through a healthy diet. Organic food and supplements are the right things to choose when thinking about having a baby and while pregnant. I suggest you check out my blog at gogreenhealth d.o.t. blogspot d.o.t. commercial(com) for more helpful prenatal vitamin and organic supplement information. You especially want to read the post called Go Green Prenatal and after birth; prenatal vitamins are here without a prescription! and view the informational teaching listed in this post. Dr. Bevacqua gives us some great tips to deal with constipation, nutrition, cravings, and hunger. I also have collected information from nutrition specialists here as well. And as an extra bonus, if you are a Go Green! person, then you will love what we have to offer. All moms, please take a couple of minutes and read up on the most up-to-date information science has given us to create healthy babies. Your babies deserve it!



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