Fish During Pregnancy

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Kurlz828 - March 17

Hey there I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first child....does any1 know for sure if pregnant women should avoid eating fish during pregnancy??? someone told me that it could harm the baby and I just want to know if this is true...I'm a sushi lover and lately i've been having all day sickness and one of the things i've actually been cravinf is sushi....*blah*.... been avoiding it thought till I know for sure...can any1 help me out? THANK YOU!!!


bloomen - March 17

Avoid eating fish, especially raw fish during pregnancy. The reason is actually because of the possible mercury contamination in the fish. The EPA actually warns expecting mothers not to consume more than one can of tuna per week because of mercury. Now the paradox is that you need DHA from fish oils to help the baby's brain develop normally. Fortunately, you can get fish oil as a dietary supplement such as Expecta. We formulated our chewables with DHA specifically because of this issue as well. B.


Kurlz828 - March 17

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE INFO!!!! i guess i'll have to tell my hubby to enjoy the next 9 sushi-less months with me.... :D!


hgs16 - June 15

I too love sushi and most types of fish. I have done a good amount of research on eating fish while pregnant. What I have found is that it is safe to eat some types of fish that have very low levels of mercury in them. Salmon is on the "ok" list, but it needs to be cooked. Some types of sushi have cooked salmon vs. the raw salmon. I also still eat tilapia as it too was on the "ok" list. It does say for pregnant women to not eat more than 2 servings per week of seafood. Definately stay away from tuna as that was on the "high levels of mercury" list. hope this helps.


lunamoo - June 26

Eat all the fish you like! Heck think Asia or specifically Japan (sushi) ... there is no harm in eating fish whilst pregnant. How can 5 billion people be wrong?


DecemberBaby - June 27

OK - I am pregnant and have fish as a main staple in my diet because I don't eat other meats or poulry. You should not eat raw fish (the Japanese women do but their sushi is alot fresher and better maintained than ours). You can eat all the fish you want so long as the mercury content is low. If it is higher, you need to limit to 1x per week (it could be 2x). Canned tuna as opposed to fresh is from much smaller tuna, which means that they have less mercury, so you can eat more of this. Mercury is typically in the larger fish. A funny thing is that the mercury content changes for the same type of fish depending on the country. For example, I am in Australia and Salmon is no problem but other fish are. So check the mercury content on a Government website related to either fish and marine life or food and drug, depending on where you are. Don't cut out fish totally though - its an important source of protein AND fatty fish have the Omega 3s that you need ...



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