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Donna - September 30

Hiya im 11 weeks pregnant and i started taking folic acid everyday but the last couple of weeks ive been forgetting to take it i take it now and then when i finally remember is it ok to miss and take one when u remember? im not sure i was just wondering if anyone eles knows if its right :) thanks love Donna and Bump xxxxx


Donna - September 30

Can someone please reply to me, it would be nice to know what others think...ta xx


Sabrina - October 6

The vital days for folic acid is days 26-30 gestation, so you started forgetting after the crucial time. However, you shoudl continue to take it for the rest of your pregnancy. It is a great nutrient in general and will help in the baby's overall developement,


rex - October 9

Actually it is 18 - 30 days post conception.


Kelly - October 18

Hi! I am posting this out of experience not a doctors perspective so nobody yell at me! I was not planning on getting preg so I was not taking folic acid. The doctor gave me a bottle and I just took the last one the day after my baby was born so I could say I took a whole bottle. He was a very healthy 8lb 3oz baby boy and is still growing very fast (a little too fast if ya ask me!) Anyways what I am saying is that if you forget and then go back a couple of days later and take it it is better to take it then than not at all, but if you forget dont think that you are a bad parent. You have alot on your mind right now other than taking a pill every morning. Hope I helped but your baby is going to be fine!!! Kelly


E - October 18

Kelly, just want to say : The neural tube (which forms the spinal cord) is completely closed by the beginning of your 6th week of regnancy (dating from the first day of your last menstrual period). After the neural tube has closed, a neural tube defect cannot occur. This is why taking folic acid after that point, is not better than none at all. I am not yelling as I just found this out myself today:)


Audrey - November 11

E- Then I should have nothing to worry about. I was already taking a multivitamin containing 0.4 mg of folic acid before I became pregnant (we weren't seriously trying, it just happened) and after I found out I switched to a stronger formula containing 0.6 mg of folic acid and 25 mg zinc.


soba - January 6

hey donna, the great thing about folic acid is that its not like a perscription if you miss one just make sure you take it the next day. With the type of folic acid try to find one that is made naturally and that it is made and manufactured by the same company as the company that the label says. just one more thing. if you are planning to have more kids in the future then you should take folic acid before you get pregenant.You being healthy before getting pregnant is great for youre future baby.and remember its good for you too.


[email protected] - December 29

take when you remember



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