Food Aversions Anyone

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Chris - July 23

Very lucky! I wish my food aversions were only limited to that, but I can´t stand even the thought of vegetables of any kind! I used to loved tomatoes and salads, and now I can´t even touch them, fresh lettuce and greens are specially repulsive; I know I have to eat lots of them but I just can´t. Chicken and meat make me gag and I have eaten so many saltine crackers to calm the nausea that I am totally sick of them. OB wants me to drink 4 gl/milk/day... how?!!! The only thing I feel like eating is bread and fresh fruit, specially OJ and white grapes.


Amanda - July 27

I cannot for the life of me eat salad or peaches. I used to love salad now if I eat it my stomach cramps all up and I get quezzy. Spagetti ewwww....cannot stand the thought of it!!!


Vic - July 28

Too many carbs make me sick. Seriously, it's weird. In order to not feel morning sickness, I have to eat a lot of protein in a day.


Jess - July 29

Turkey b___st low-carb wraps used to be my favorite... now I gag just thinking about it! I can't even walk past the restaurant I liked that serves them without feeling sick =(


K - August 11

The only meat I really ate before I was pregnant was chicken. Now at 8 weeks the thought of chicken makes me gag as does the thought of many vegetables. I used to love asparagus but now to even write about them makes me gag.


Bobbi - December 21

Hey ladies, I know this post is old, but I thought it would be fun to bring it back:) I work at an office and I hate the smell of coffee and Mr. Noodles (which seem to go hand in hand at my job) I also can't stand the smell of subway! (which I used to love.) I also hate most food, with the exception of chicken soup, but without the noodles, and green olives!


Sasha - December 21

Unfortunately NOTHING makes me sick! I want to eat almost everything.


Bridget - December 24

Amanda, I can't believe it. All I wanted in my first trimester was Creamof Wheat with peaches every morning andpasta was all else I could eat, but with cheeses and not red sauce on it. Funny. Things have leveled out now (I'm 31 weeks) but I don't handle large portions of meat well.Little chunks in soup are ok but steak,eeewww, all that chewing, it's like eating blankets. And I used to eat a fried egg every morning and now they smell lke burning hair and I can't be near the kitchen when my DH it making his morning egg. I have craved more sweets lately (not early inPG) and I try to eat canned fruit but the ice cream knows my name and calls me a lot,LOL.


ELLA - January 3

Mayonnaise makes me want to run for the bathroom! Just the thought of the greasy, slimy, smelly consistancy....


AUDREY N.B - January 5



Mindi - January 8

I had morning sickness the first 3 months, now it's not so bad, but these are the following things that trigger it for me: salad, popcorn, and chili. I am sure I will come across a few more later.


Steph - January 11

Meat. But more specfically, CHICKEN. The thought of it sends me chills. Blech.


Erin - January 12

I hate most food, and TEA, uncooked CHEESE, MEAT, VEGETABLES, the very smell of my FRIDGE, CANDY and CHOCOLATE. I am surviving on frozen PIZZA, ORANGES, BAGELS and STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKES.


Carla Beaudoin - January 12

Since I've been pregnant I can't stand the smell of egg rolls, used to love them. Sometimes when I'm walking to work even the smell of exhaust from cars makes me feel ill. Before I don't even think I could smell the car fumes!


Anna - January 13

I smell and taste burt toast and popcorn mostly at night after taking my prenatal vitamin. My boyfriend think I am nuts but I swear it is horrible I have to sit by the window or turn on a fan!!! WEIRD huh


Mary the redhead - January 15

At first it was all the normal things i usually eat, like tofu, beans, soymilk, chinese food.. i couldnt stand the smell or even thought of it all...I can have soymilk again although only silk brand because it has the least taste.... and ive had chinese a few times.... I still cannot stnad the smell or thought of pizza..anything with tomato sauce.. the smell of alcohol on my man when he gets home from playing one of his shows...EWWWW !!! I cant wait to be done so i can eat a pizza.... Same thing happened 5 years ago... after i had my son.... The woman i shared a room with couldnt have pizza either.. we soon discoverd once babies were out we could eat again so we ordered pizzas right to our hospital room!!!



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