Food Aversions Anyone

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Tina - February 23

sorry double posted


dee23 - March 1 a mushroom lover..i never exected to have an adversion to it!


Tina - March 2

Yes i love mushrooms too,and i cant eat them. Im starting to eat abit more now..but all what was my favourites and now my hates.


Tina - March 2

Yes i love Mushrooms too,But i cant eat them.What was all my Favourites are now my Hates...Im starting to eat abit more now,but the food i am eating is boring.


Tina - March 2

I dont know why this thing keeps double posting...i write something and it didnt work,or so i thought it didnt and i do it again and both are in there. hmmm


Roary - March 2

I used to have a mocha every day while I was studying (I am in university) now the smell of coffee makes my stomach churn. I used to eat fish, now the ranid smell makes me violently ill--the few times I tried eating it I actually got sick and vomited. I can't stand the smell of dishsoap either. Soy products make me ill as well. Any kind of pollutants car exhaust, cigarette smoke, etc make me sick too.


TiffanyV - March 3

I wish I had some food aversions ! LOL . Anything and everthing looks yummy to me , same as it always has ! Afraid I'll turn into a moose , but I've only ganed 1.5 lbs so far - then again I'm only 2 months pregnant .


angelinakai - March 3

this thread is hilarious!!! being pg, it makes so much sense, but if someone read it who was not pg, they would think it was so silly hehehe. i cant stand the thought of carrots ewwwww. and every time i walk into a different room in my house it smells wierd. but i am craving mustard and sausage. haha. the other day i told my dh that i would like some sausage in my oatmeal and he thought that was so funny. he still makes fun of me hahah.


Tina - March 3

believe me Tiffany you dont want Food Adversions,iv had it for 5 weeks now and its so horrible..everyone eating around me and i cant touch it..not because im not interested,just because my body doesnt want it...I do want it ,but i dont...sounds weird i know. Im starting to force myself to eat now because it wont do me any good. My other 2 pregnancies i had np with food it was everything and anything. ewwwww and Sausage in oatmeal LOL


Nicole - March 15

Last night I was so tired so I went to sleep for a bit, my husband was cooking a roast. Well, I kept waking up and smelling it and it just made me soooo sick to my stomach! Even when I woke up in the morning I still smelled it. It made me gag, I couldn't wait to leave the house to work for a breath of fresh air! any cooked food that I smell makes me very queasy:( Also, when I eat alot of carbs in also makes me queasy..


bambina - March 17

Aversions what???? Ok, before I even knew what hit me I couldn't eat or smell ground meat (hamburgers) anything frozen in a box, bacon, vegetable and olive oil, red onions, and b___ter. I actually came home once and threw out all the b___ter as soon as I walked in the door because just thinking about it was vomitrocious. Even the smell of the oven preheating sent me to the toilet bowl. Yesterday for the first time in 4 months I ate a hamburger with red onions. I was so proud, like I accomplished this great task in life. and now FINALLY I can't stop eating. I thought this moment would never arrive. I now officially hate saltine crackers and gingerale. They are banned from my house forever, I swear.


angelinakai - March 21

last time i wrote on this thread i didnt have many food aversions, now i cant eat anything. i cant eat raw veg's, sandwhiches, chicken, fish, nothing... everything is gross. does anyone else crave really bad greasy fast food? i usually hate fast food, now i just keep craving it as much as i dont want to. im trying really hard to find other things that i like, but the list is very short :(


Rhiannon - April 1

I can't even look at canned tomatoes. I am now 17 weeks and I don't think I 'll even be able to cook some of my favorites again. (chili, spag sauce...)


mandee25 - April 2

My sense of smell is very strong as well and things I can't stand to be around are raw red meat cooking, rice, salsa, apples and brocolli!


Mingill - April 6

It's my second trimester and food aversions have just started. It seems every week there is something new I can't eat. My list now includes: Apples, bacon, plain rice and plain white bread.


Shala - April 18

the smell of coffee beans makes me feel ill. I used to love chicken, potatoes and garlic stuff...can't manage to really feel good about that now. Also, I love pineapples, but for some reason that is making me turned off too!!!



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