Frightened By Very Rapid Wt Gain Sorry Long

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clifton - March 10

Hi everyone, I'm new here, but joined this morning b/c I'm freaking out a little about my recent weight gain. I'm pregnant for the first time and today I am at 17 2/7. Started out at 155lbs (5'7) and this morning I weighed 172 so total gain of 17lbs. The reason I'm so spooked is that 12 of those pounds were from the LAST 3 WEEKS only! When I noticed I put on 4lbs in one week I started keeping a food diary of everything I put in my mouth so I could see where it was all coming from etc. Well, for the last two weeks I've continued to gain 4lbs per week even though I'm eating no more than 2300 calories per day!!! My food diary is quite accurate (I used to be an athlete and am pretty good at nutrition/portion size etc.). So...I guess what worries me is not understanding the mechanism behind the weight gain. By my calculations, I would have had to have eaten an extra 10000 calories per week to gain this much and that just hasn't happened!!! Have any of you gone through crazy wt gain spurts this long? Any advice? Is it water? If so, isn't that a dangerous amount (ie. PIH, preeclampsia...) Your thoughts? Thanks in advance for your replies!!! In case you're chuckling about how neurotic I am - you're totally right! I'm pretty terrified all the time...and the worst part is I can't really talk to my OB - he's not very chatty and because I'm also a physician he thinks I know it all. Trouble is, i only remember the really scary stuff and it's making me a nervous wreck!!! ;) Please help!!!


Sophia - March 10

Consult another physician and don't let them know you're one too.


lqtoo - March 12

I have also had pretty rapid weight gain - 9 pounds in a little less than 4 weeks. Crazy! I was very sick in my first trimester and ended up losing 8 pounds. I think my body was just trying to catch up once I was feeling better again. If you started out underweight, your body may also be playing catch up as well. Or, it could be a big growth spurt for your baby. I don't think the "calories-in, calories-out" calculations work quite as well when there is a large parasite growing in your belly, causing your blood production to increase, making you retain water, increasing the size of your uterus, creating a new organ (the placenta) etc. As long as you are eating healthy and excercising moderately, the rest is really beyond your control.


sunniesmile - March 14

hey clifton..I too had a very rapid weight gain...I go to the dr. tom. and am kinda scared i might get fussed at. At 18 weeks, I had only gained 5 pounds. But now at 22 weeks I am up to 13-14, so all of a sudden I gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks-my diet has NOT changed. I don't understand where it came from...I will let you know what my dr. says tom. I am hoping that its normal to have these spurts :)


crackersforme - March 17

Sunniesmile....what did your doctor say??


sunniesmile - March 18

Hey- sorry for the delay in response...he didn't really give a reason honestly- he just said it was ok b.c my total weight gain wasn't too high- i stepped on the scale this morning and whoa I gained 3 lbs since yesterday, but seriously I think I can see it in my belly - it's def. bigger today. So unfortunately no response on whether these weight gain spurts are normal or not....


intlbaby - March 30

Don't worry about it, and put the scale in the attic. Just keep eating mostly healthy foods, and exercise some. I'm not keeping a scale in the house, just getting weighed at my monthly checkups (just had the first one) and I think on the whole it's better for my head.


lilmomma2b - March 31

I am now at the every 2 week dr visits, almost 30 wks preg. My last 2 week visit I had gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks! And that was after I had cut down on my junk foods and eating out! When the dr told me I had gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks I nearly cried, all I could think was if I do this every 2 weeks with 10 more weeks to go I'll be huge. I asked the dr how I could have gained so much in 2 weeks with having cut back on things and she just laughed and said 5 lbs was fine it just meant the baby was growing beautifully and she was happy with it.


sunniesmile - April 1

intlbaby- i think i should take your advice- seriously - that would save several depressing moments :) lilmomma- I am glad to hear that its ok to gain 5lbs in 2 weeks- esp. after doing some healthy..mine quick gains have happened after an increase in working actually made me smile when you said your dr. laughed :) thank goodness you can relate it to the baby growing!!


sunniesmile - April 17

hey clifton are you still here??? how are you doing???



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