Gaining Too Fast Is It Ok To Try To Lose

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m - October 7

My pre-pregnancy weight was about 130 and I'm only 5'2"--I was (and am) fit--athletic build, working out every day (still, at 12 weeks). But I'm hungry ALL THE TIME and haven't had any I've put on way too much weight. More than 10 lbs already. Doc says I can put on 15 more before I deliver, but I'm afraid at this rate I'll put on much more. Is it safe to try to lose weight? before I was pregnant I was ALWAYS watching what I ate because i find it hard to keep my weight down. I'm eating healthy now--just eating too much.


JS - October 8

NO! It's not - ESPECIALLY now. You can't worry about what you have already gained, worry about that after the baby is born. To try to diet now would be taking away from the baby. Just keep eating healthy and what is - is as far as your weight. Worry about it later when you are holding your little one. You can surely lose weight then taking care of him/her...


Julia - October 19

Don't try to lose weight now. Watch your diet and eat healthy. Keep working out too. You'll lose it afterwards.


K - October 19

Try not to panic yet. Hopefully the same thing will happen to you as it did to me. I am also only 5'2. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant. My first trimester I had a rapid weight gain, more than 10 pounds just lke you. I was worried I was going to gain 70 pounds before I had this baby. Since I hit 12 weeks, my weight gain has slowed considerably, to only about 1/2 pound a week, or 2 pounds a month. My doctor says its not that uncommon for some people to have a rapid gain at the start and then slow down and wind up within the right range of total gain at the end. As long as you are eating healthy, I bet you will be fine.


Shell Bell - October 26

I am having the exact same problem I put on more than 10lbs in the first tri and now I am 19 weeks and have gained a total of 28lbs. I have always had my weight under control, but this pregnacy is up setting me when it comes to weight. I only gained 20lbs with my other two pregnancies, so I am really confussed. Everyone says I can't diet so I live hungary all of the time. I just keep reminding myself the price is worth it.


Renee - October 30

Consider yourself lucky! I LOST 10 lbs by 9 weeks because of the nausea. But if you want to watch your weight, your baby can take care of itself, believe me. All 9 months of pregancy only uses up 250,000 Calories- that's just 10 days worth of meals for you. (By contrast, b___st feeding take 600 Calories a day- so if you b___st feed you'll take off that weight in no time at all!)



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