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Crystal - February 16

Has any one had gestational diabetes? I just found out that I may have it! The thought of it scares the h__l out of me! Does anyone have any experiences they can share, they would be appreciated and very helpfull. Thank you and the best of luck to all of you!!!!


BBK - March 8

Crystal, was too much sugar found in your urine? You'll need a glucose tolerance test, to confirm it, and most of the time high sugar in urine does not mean you have gestational diabetes. Even if you have it though, in this day and age, most of the time it's treated sucessfully with no long term problems.


crystal - March 11

no the sugar was found in a blood test when I had a glucose test. The test came back high- so I had a 2 hour test done. Waiting for the results now.


laura - March 12

read The pH Miracle by Robert Young -


Jenn... - March 15

Crystal, I don't know if you have already ready my post in the other forums or not. I had elevated levels on the 1 hr test. Then I had to take the 3hr test. All 4 of my levels on that one came back well within the normal range. So relax, don't panic, and good luck!


crystal - March 16

My tests came back normal. So thanks to all that answered.Best of luck to all of you.


Michelle - June 28

I'm going for the three hour test and they want me to have a high carb intake why?


miranda - July 5

Michelle, I am also going for the 3 hr this Thursday and they didn't say anything about high carbs. In fact, they didn't say anything about my diet at all except that I couldn't eat after 8 pm the night before. I guess different places do it differently.


Lacy - July 6

BBK- actually, when testing for diabetes, the amount of glucose excreted during micturation is not measured, but the amount of protein is what laboratory professionals look at. This is a result of ketone bodies building up in the body which causes severe dehydration, because the body tries to flush the ketone bodies out by micturation. The glucose tolerence test consists of multiple (5 to be exact) finger sticks or venipuncture sticks in which the amount of glucose in the blood is tested over a period of time to determine if the blood sugar drops/rises at a consistent rate as a non diabetics blood sugar should do. a consistant high blood sugar results in a positive diagnosis of gestational diabetes- or in a non pregnant person, type one, insulin dependence diabetic


Debbie - October 19

had my 3 hr glucose test and want to know what are the thresholds of a normal level and what is considered high?


Lisa - October 19

I have to take my on my next appointment; he gave me a bottle of yellow syrup to drink 1 hour before my looks thick and it probably taste yucky!


Tess - October 25

To Debbie~ I got my result from my 1 hr glucose test and my nurse said that my sugar was a lil bit high. Normal was 70-130 and I have 168 now they want to me in and do the 3 hr glucose testing to determine whether I have gestational diabetes or not.....Im scared and nervous.....I've been doin alot of reading about this...Hopefully my test would turn out normal. Best of luck to all of you!!


Amy - October 26

Just failed my 1 hr glucose screening test. Doc prescribed me a very strict diet (the toughest Atkins-type diet!) and has me doing finger sticks 5 times per day! I haven't even had a 3 hour test yet. Must return in 1 week with a record of my testings. Is anyone else having to do this? I never had any health problems before the pregnancy or during the pregnancy and now feel overwhelmed by all this information. Are there any good diets or menus available on-line because basically I feel like I can have water and a couple of other food items?!


J-nae - October 27

I don't have G.D. thank God, but my blood pressure is increasingly low at every doctor's appointment and I don't know what's up. At yesterday's appointment, my blood pressure was 94/72... it's NEVER been that low... my BP has always been very normal and very even keel all the time. This makes me nervous because I heard that it can cause just as many problems as HIGH blood pressure. My doctor told me not to panic just yet. Well... what am I supposed to do then?


Tess - November 1

Good news Ladies!! I dont have G.D got my results yesterday and I pa__sed my 3 hr glucose tolerance test. Dr. said I might have to do it again when Im 25 wks preggy. (which I dont mind doing again) but Im glad they found out I dont have G.D!!!


Kristi - November 6

I have G.D. and did not even get a chance to regulate my diet or exercise. I was put on Insulin immediately because I failed the fasting score even though I was in normal range after 3 hrs. Something about my hormones being the reason nothing to do with what I do or don't eat. They never found Sugar in my urine either. Anybody else been put on insulin immediately like that?



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